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Band 101

Prezi used to help elementary school children pick a band instrument.

Edward Dorner

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of Band 101

The Band Instruments What kind of instruments are there? Woodwind Brass Percussion Flute Oboe Clarinet Alto Saxaphone Bassoon Trumpet Trombone Tuba French Horn Baritone Cymbals Snare Drum Base Drum Xylophone Timpanis Range of the Flute The flute use to be made of wood but now it is normally made of metal. It produces very bright and joyful notes. Range of the Oboe The oboe looks very similiar to the clarinet except for the fact that it has a double reed. The oboe is widely used in classical compositions. The flute is a treble clef instrument. The oboe is a treble clef instrument. Range for Clarinet The clarinet is a single reed instrument. It plays a wide range of music from classical to jazz. The Clarinet is a treble clef instrument The Range of the Bassoon The Bassoon is a Bass Clef Instrument. The bassoon is a double reed instrument. Because of its size, it plays very low notes and is often the backbone of the orchestra. The Range of the Alto Sax The saxophone is a single reed instrument. Depending on the player it can sound mellow or strong. It does everything from pop to big band to jazz but also has its place in classical music. The Alto Sax is a Treble Clef Instrument. Range of the Baritone The Baritone is the little brother of the Tuba. The Baritone has the range of a Trombone with the mellow sound of the Tuba. Range of the French Horn The French Horn is often played with the right hand inside the bell. The French Horn has a warm mellow sound. The Baritone is a Bass Clef Instrument. The French Horn is a Treble Clef Instrument. Range of the Trombone Unlike any other Instrument the trombone uses a slide to play different notes. The Trombone is used in a lot of different musical groups. The Trombone is mainly a Base Clef Instrument. Range of the Tuba The tuba is the lowest instrument in the whole brass section. The tuba is used a lot in marches and other compositions where it is important to have a strong beat. The Tuba is a Bass Clef Instrument. The trumpet plays high brassy notes. Range of Trumpet The Trumpet is a Treble Clef Instrument. The Trumpet uses three valves to change notes. The Baritone uses three valves to change notes. The French Horn uses rotary valves to change pitch. The Flute uses keys to change pitch. You hit them together and they produce a crashing sound. The snare drum is primarily used for rolls in a classical setting or for adding accents to music. The timpanis are also commonly used in rolls. They can, however, be tuned to a certain note and have a deeper sound. The bass drum is mainly used to keep a pulse in music. They are extensively used in marches. It consists of wooden bars of various lengths that are struck by plastic, wooden, or rubber mallets. What it sounds and looks like all together. This is what a woodwind quintet sounds like This is what a percussion ensemble sounds like. This is what a brass quintet sounds like. http://www.dsokids.com/listen/instrumentlist.aspx
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