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Munich Agreement Failure

No description

Bich Dao

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Munich Agreement Failure

aimed to successfully negotiate with Hitler Munich Agreement 1938 The End of Czechoslovakia FAILURE Blank check for Poland risk of two front war for Hitler preserve the new-found peace in Europe maintain Czechoslovakia as a sovereign state To try to peacefully resolve the problem of Sudetenland (CZ). Hitler claimed that Sudetenland belonged to Germany. Failed to stop Hitler 1st: Hitler takes the areas where +50% of the population is Germans. 15th Sep. 1938 30th Sep. 1938: Conference 2nd: Hitler takes the whole of Sudetenland. Promise to stop trying to expand territory. March 1939 3rd: Hitler gobbled up the rest of Czechoslovakia. 1. 2. The Western powers easily caved in to Hitler's demands out of fear for war.
Hitler kept pushing for more. 1939 Nazi-Soviet Pact confidence that the West might stay out of this as well September 1st 3. World War II British PM -
Chamberlain French PM -
Daladier Hitler Mussolini
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