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Extended Diploma in Art and Design

No description

andy laverick

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Extended Diploma in Art and Design

Extended Diploma in Art and Design at BCA
...the steps to success

Design specialisms...
Studio Skills...
our aim is to give you the skills you need to get a job in the design industry. To do this we will teach you how to use industry standard software such as:
at the end of the 2 years you have a qualification equivalent to 3 A levels - with this you can move on to:
why study Art and Design at BCA?
100% success on vocational courses
100% progression from L2 Dip to Extended Diploma
100% progression from year 1 to year 2
Core skills...
drawing, painting, sculpting
understanding the design cycle
learning how other artists/designers have worked
foundation diploma in Art and design at BCA
degree in any Art and Design subject at Uni
you will learn how to create solutions in:
during the course you will continually develop skills in:
Photoshop - image manipulation
Illustrator - illustrating
Flash - interactive
3DS Max - modeling and animation
Photography - using a studio
Week 4 observational homework
Jessica De Freitas EDAD year 1
Graphic design
Textile/fashion design
3D design
3D bridge project
textiles project
self portrait project
Brenda Lee
Employability Skills...
as well as the technical and creative skills, we will help you develop skills that employers are looking for in any industry:
team work
imaginative and logical thinking
for more information, call and speak to Andy Laverick on...
01628 824400
or email...
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