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Sea Urchin Presentation

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anneli bjornlie

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Sea Urchin Presentation

Sea Urchins- Tiny but Mighty
Did you know there are 950 different species of sea urchins?
In this prezi you will see how sea urchins
survive in the wild. Sea urchins live in tide pools,
by the kelp and are found world wide. For example, they live in western Australia, shallow reefs, and right off our coast, but are rarely found in colder polar regions.
There are threats to their
survival, such as sea otters, sun-
flower starfish, crabs, large fish,
eels, birds and humans. For
example, the sunflower starfish
threaten sand dollars, which are
flat sea urchins. They think
that if they cluster together
the sunflower starfish can not
get to them. Unfortunately, their
behavior does not help them
one bit. Sunflower starfish
take the flesh right off of them,
and then all that is left is their
white skeleton that you find
on the beach.
Lastly I researched their adaptations for moving, eating, and protection. Through this research I learned that they move by little legs, and they eat the hold fasts that hold kelp to the rocks. Their protection is their different color spines that stick out of the shells. The spiny shell is so the predator will get pricked by the spines and back off.
by Anneli Bjornlie
The life span of a
sea urchin is 15-200
I hope you enjoyed this presentation.

for watching.
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