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Be Our Guest - Perfecting the Art of Customer Service

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Paul Kim

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Be Our Guest - Perfecting the Art of Customer Service

Be Our Guest - Perfecting the Art of Customer Service
The Magic of Cast
Workers are essential! Treat your workforce right.
Created Disney University
"You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world... but it requires people to make the dream a reality." -Walt

What is "Magic"?
Image by Tom Mooring
The Magic Of Service
Be Our Guest reveals Walt Disney's plan to perfect the art of customer service by aligning his cast members, the setting and integration of process to create unparalleled entertainment experiences for guests of all ages, anywhere.
Learning Objectives
Familiarize class with the "Magic" of Disney
Share Disney's emphasis on caring for cast
Apply Disney's model to all industries
Generates boost in return rates by 70%
Builds guest satisfaction
Increases brand loyalty
Fundamental to Organizational growth

WOW factor
Activity : Think of a time that a brand/organization created a "WOW" moment for you.
A plethora of little wows accumulate to one big WOW
Disney's Standards
Exceeding guests expectations is a standard call of duty
Cast - Guest interaction
Design element of infrastructure
Corporate Wide obsession to detail at Disney
Walt Disney Hotels
Garbage disposal placement
Infrastructure themes
Bumping The Lamp
"You don't build it for yourself. You find what people want, and you build it for them. - Walt Disney
The Quality Service Compass
The Heart of the Disney Customer Service Model
"The art and science of knowing and understanding customers"
Quality Standards
Serves as a promise and mission
1. Safety
2. Courtesy
3. Show
4. Efficiency
Consider this: What would you do as cast member when a guest with a walker enters a moving loading platform that governs the speed of an entire attraction?
A. slow or stop the ride and inconvenience other riders?
B. Proceed the ride for others and let the guest fend for himself?
Delivery Systems
Cast: Employees are a company's most important asset.
Setting: The stage at which the guests interact with the brand
Process: The utilization of Cast & Setting to deliver results
Knowing & Understanding Your Guests
Common Purpose
Become a guestologist
Create guest Profile
Who here has written a negative/positive review online?
Interactions with employees are the biggest factor in satisfaction and intent to return!
Casting the First Impression
You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Question! Who here has had a terrible first impression of someone? How hard was it to break that paradigm and see them in another light?
Disney's Casting Center
Making sure they make a memorable first impression on prospective and new cast members!
Let them know what will be expected of them as early as the hiring process.

So what's their secret?
Hire friendly people!
The way they train.
The Disney Approach to Training
Four tiered approach to prepare the cast for service delivery
The first communicator of the common purpose of creating happiness through entertainment, quality standards, and also explains how they are put in practice
Disney Lingo
Attractions= rides, shows
Cast member= employee
Guest= customer
Onstage= guest areas
Offstage/backstage= behind the scenes
Costume= uniform
Audition= interview
Role= job
Host= frontline employee
Words create images in people's minds
Question! Does anyone know of companies or any hospitality establishment that uses specialized vocabulary?
Behaviors of Quality Service
Learn performance tips
Guidelines for Guest Service

Implement performance cultures
1. Make eye contact and smile! :D
2. Greet and welcome each and every guest
3. Seek out guest contact
4. Provide immediate service recovery
5. Display appropriate body language at all times
6. Preserve the "magical" guest experience
7. Thank each and every guest
Tips for culture building
Keep it simple!
Make it global
Make it measurable
Provide training and coaching
Solicit feedback and ideas from the team
Recognize and reward performance

The Magic of Setting
The Magic of Process
When it was time to design Disneyland, Walt brought the same process orientation he had applied in the studio out into the physical world.
There was one important difference now

Process and combustion
Processes, in their broadest meaning, are a series of actions, changes, or functions that are strung together to produce a result.

For example. A car is produced using a process that combines parts and labor in specific sequences on an assembly line.
Processes are in place to ensure that a guest’s stay goes smoothly.

When service processes work smoothly, their key combustion points are controlled. Quality Service is delivered without a hiccup and everyone wins.
identify key combustion points
1. an important part of delivering service through process.
2, study your customers.
eg: What do they complain about?
Where do they get stuck during the service experience?
They are important clues to the process issues you need to address in order to deliver magical service.
Combustion Statements
Common issues that guest complain
1. This is taking too long
2. No one knows the answer
3. My situation is different

These are typical combustion points in service processes.

How to keep them from becoming explosion points.
1. Optimize Guest flow throughout the service experience
2. Equip your cast to communicate with Guests
3. Create processes for Guests who need service attention
Just take a few minuses to think do you have any suggestion to improve their service experience?
The Magic of Integration
1. Put quality service together
2. Meet Guest expectations with headliners
3. Integration Matrix
4. Storyboards
Put quality service together

Build a service organization, it will greater than the sum of its parts with integration.
Example: the Whispering Canyon Cafe.
Integration is the work of aligning and distributing your service standards over the three delivery systems of cast, setting, and process.
First to use color (Technicolor)
Showcased possibility of setting in a cartoon!
Setting Delivers Service
Physical and psychological
Everything speaks to customers
Message delivered establishes and changes perceptions about the products and services we sell
Meet Guest expectations with headliners
The plus experience to exceed Guest expectations

Headliners are those combinations of standards and delivery systems that are natural matches.
What is Setting?
Integration Matrix
Architectural design
Directional design on carpet
Texture of floor surface
Focal points and directional signs
Internal/external detail
Music/ambient noise
Touch/tactile experiences
The Integration Matrix is a helpful tool that can guide you through the analysis and improvement of service.

For example, in that upper-left-hand corner, the question is, how will your cast deliver safety to guests? In the lower right, how will your processes create a more efficient guest experience?

Imagination + Engineering
= Imagineering
"There's really no secret about our approach. We keep moving forward-- opening new doors and doing new things-- because we are curious. And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. We're always exploring and experimenting... we call it Imagineering-- the blending of creative imagination and technical know-how."
Mickey's Ten Commandments
Three features of great service moments
1. High-touch,
2. high-show,
3, high-tech
1. Know your audience.
2. Wear your guest's shoes.
3. Organize the flow of people & ideas.
4. Create a "wienie."
5. Communicate with visual literacy.
6. Avoid overload.
7. Tell one story at a time.
8. Avoid contradictions; maintain identity.
9. For every oz. of treatment, provide a ton of treat.
10. Keep it up.
Usage of Setting
Plan and manage solution implementations
Visual maps of service solutions

Two fast guidelines for storyboard
1. Sending a message with the setting.
Don’t be intimidated by the use of drawings.
Don’t restrict the storyboard to drawings.
2. Guide the guest experience.
Appeal to Five Senses
refers to the need to build interaction into the guest experience

refers to the need to build vivid presentations into the guest experience.

refers to the need to build speed, accuracy, and expertise into service solutions.
Onstage & Backstage
Separate them because anything that doesn't support or enhance experience, detracts from it.
Maintain your setting with consistent, comprehensive effort.
Defines an organizations mission
Communicates a message internally
Creates an image for the organization
Promise to guests
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