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Zsarina Anacion

on 26 September 2013

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Damascus Foundation Inc. runs and manages Damascus Rehabilitation and Reformation Centre located in the town of Dona Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan. It Started operation in September of 1997 but was formally launched in January of 1998. The area was leased by the Provincial Government of Bulacan for use of the foundation.

The major objective of the Foundation is to fight the menacing problem of drug addiction in the Philippines by operating a rehabilitation centre for drug dependents. Damascus installs in the mind and hearts of the individual the need for continued sobriety to achieve a wholesome and productive life.
At first we are all thought that this exposure will be difficult because of the people we will meet. Afterwards the negative thoughts were change into positive. They are very welcoming in one another which lead us to a comfortable feeling. The “kuyas” that we have fun with was very open to tell their stories and the learning’s they’ve been through in their past mistakes. This exposure trip made us realize that we must not judge other people through their physical appearance though we must know them more before we judge such things bad for their reputation as a human.
1. To mold the residents to become drug free and socially functional individuals.

2. To assist the residents and their families to develop a harmonious relationship.

3. To encourage the residents to get involved in productive and constructive activities.

4.To enable the residents to be reintegrated into their respective communities.

Damascus uses a holistic approach in our program centering on the Psycho-spiritual dimension. It caters to the moral and spiritual needs of the residents. It gives a personalized treatment to the residents and at the same time involves the family in the rehabilitation program.

The Foundation applies an eclectic and dynamic approach in the six month rehabilitation program of the residents.
Kuya Joven
He is a 40 years old graduate of a 4-year course, he’s been to 3 rehabilitation centers, Damascus being the 3rd. Every time he would be released or declared sober by his past rehab centers he would almost always get dragged back to the world of drugs. He believes that Damascus Foundation is good to him and prefers to stay there for a longer period so as to make sure that he is truly sober and will not do drugs again after he leaves.
16 yrs old Patrick, was put under the care of Damascus Foundation because of a behavior problem. As a kid he would run away and disrespect his parents. It came to a point that he would come home only thrice a year, the rest of his days were spent loitering around Manila.
13 yrs old Jonathan is also in The Damascus Foundation because of his behavior problem of never listening to his parents and would act wildly if he was forced to listen.
There is a patient in Damascus Foundation he was working in America with a blue-collared job. He was doing drugs in America and was caught and jailed for months. He was given a choice of going back to the Philippines or jailed for 12 more years. He chose going back to the Philippines and submitted himself to Damascus Foundation.

- maybe referred by families,individuals, hospitals, clinics, civic organizations, government agencies and other charitable institutions.

- only individuals with complete documentations and social case studies will be considered for acceptance.
Majority, however, of our residents in Damascus are dependents/ users who voluntarily surrender themselves for rehabilitation.
Zsarina Anacion
I’ve learned that our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become. Never blame anyone in your life. The good people give you happiness. The bad people give you experience. The worst people give you a lesson. The best people give you memories.
Veena Limbo
There is always hope if you trust in God. There is always room for a change if you are willing to. Each individual has a story to tell and don’t judge them by their looks. Life is how you make it.

Rica Dazo
The whole experience was really awakening of what was reality. It showed me what some of the people outside my life are going through. It made me feel really blessed with my situation and determined to help those who are falling in the dark pit of drugs.

Steph Dela Cruz
Don’t judge a person for what he/she had done in the past. It’s never too late to be brand new. Every one of us deserves a chance to make our mistakes right by learning from them. Just have faith in God.
Kim de Jesus
Being addict to drugs or alcohol means that a person is not in control of their own life. Going through recovery can put an alcoholic or drug addict back in control. Alcohol and drug rehab teaches the tool necessary to move on toward a better life. let’s not judge them because it won’t help them, instead, pray for them and help them in a good way.s

Nikka Lagman
At first I feel scared and uncomfortable, but when the time goes by my fears started to vanish. They are very hospitable and friendly people, they are like “kuya’s” who’s welcoming their younger sisters. And they are trying their best to change even though there is many circumstances that blocking their way to change. For me even though they are addict, and everyone thinks that they are bad still they are trying their best to change and start a new beginning. If an individual really want to change there’s no way or no one can stop them.

1st Issue
The first issue we would like to address is the cleanliness of the areas particularly in the kitchen and bathrooms. There were a lot of mosquitoes in the bathroom and pails and dippers with holes. In the kitchen we saw how their process of cleaning the kitchen was not enough to ensure the safety and healthiness that needs to be observed.
2nd Issue
While driving to Damascus Foundation, we noticed how there were no hospitals or clinics near the Foundation. When we asked the residents the hospitals or clinics were a long way from where they were. We were also told that one resident got a minor cut and the others didn’t know what to do. They lack 1st Aid Training and we think that it is very important so that if anything happens they would know what to do.
AC Santos
Maraming pangyayari na ang lumipas simula noong sila'y naging adik. Maraming nawalan ng kaibigan, magulang at lalong lalo na ng pamilya. Sa pamumuhay sa ganitong klaseng buhay maraming naging trahedya na nangyari at karamiham sakanila nasira ang buhay dahil sa mga bisyong kanilang kinasanayan. Bisyo, wala naman itong nadudulot na maganda sa ating katawan. Sinisira lamang nito ang ating kalusugan, pag-iisip at lalo na ng buhay na nagiging dahilan sa pagkakaroon ng satiling mundo na tanging sila lamang ang nakakaintindi. Huwag ng tularan ang mga ganitong tao bagkus, gawin ang kanilang mga karanasan at kwento bilang isang aral o insperasyon na pwedeng makatulong para sa ikakaganda ng ating sariling bayan.
Project Proposal

Politic Situation
As of the clients said to us Mayor Flores donates them to their daily supplies of foods.
Spiritual Situation
We observe that they are all close to God, they are always praying before and after eating and the pray the rosary.
Neldie De Jesus
My experience in DAMASCUS taught me and made me realized that everybody deserves a second chance. even if we made a lot of mistakes in the past, if we are willing to change and trust in God, then no one can ever hinders us for that change and anything will be possible. I learned so much in that experience and I will never forget that, especially because I got to know new people who taught me lessons and values in life and I know that they will forever remain in our hearts.
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