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Sex ethics

Morgan Osby

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Sex

God Ethical Challenge Phase 1 Video Core Inside the lines God has given: To move it away from brokeness, be faithful to one another.
Talk about with your bf/gf about waiting.
Recognize sex is a beautiful thing, but is meant to be saved until marriage.
Don't abuse it, it isn't a toy. Sex History By Morgan Osby and Amber
Binford Outside the lines God has given: Quotes: Once you'd broken through that invisible barrier that separates one person from another, you were connected forever, whether you liked it or not. -Tom Perrotta Join me in Olympic Heros for Abstinence. The best sex is no sex. -Kurt Angle

It is an infantile superstition of the human spirit that virginity would be thought a virtue and not the barrier that separates ignorance from knowledge. - Voltaire Following the guidelines of God is a better life emotionally.
You avoid a lot of the emotional rollercoaster.
You avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancies.
The relationship tends to be a lot more stronger if it's both each other's first time.
Waiting also takes away all the awkward situations, drama, and small finances away.
Waiting lets the relationship grow into a meaningful and genuine relationship.
Waiting is more of a higher value than something used. Unnecessary emotional attachment
Tends to speed the relationship up to fast.
Risks like pregnancies and STDs
Broken relationship later on
Being used
Get used to the pleasure of things, rather than the meaning of the relationship
Emotional rollercoaster
Becomes a routine/reckless sex
Peer Judgement Bible verses: It is God's will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control his own body in a way that is holy and honorable, not in passionate lust like the heathen, who do not know God – 1 Thessalonians 4:3-6

When you follow the desires of your sinful nature, the results are very clear: sexual immorality, impurity, lustful pleasures ... (NLT) -Galations 5:19
But sexual immorality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints. Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving. For you may be sure of this, that everyone who is sexually immoral or impure, or who is covetous (that is, an idolater), has no inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God. –Ephesians 5:3-5 How to follow the rules:
Plan ahead
Think about it thoroughly
set your boundaries
avoid situations that will tempt you into lessening your standards
Hang out with the kinds of people who have the same morals as you. Phase 3 /trends 306 The regional Council of Elvira in Spain decrees that all priests and bishops, married or not, should abstain from sex
1476- Leonardo da Vinci is acquitted of sodomizing a male prostitute.
1601- William Shakespeare's Hamlet condemns Ophelia to a lifetime of celibacy "Get thee to a nunnery."
1962- Vatican II reaffirms priestly celibacy and a growing movement to allow men of cloth to marry
2003- Kim K. and Ray J first sex tape
2008- Six years after Justin Timberlake said he'd slept with Britney Spears, her mother reveals in a memoir that the pop star lost her virginity at 14 Sex is everywhere in society today. Church views on premarital sex Roman Catholic Church: The church is strongly against premarital sex. The church also urges to avoid all sexual activity. Couples need to have a different kind of intimacy such as, a mental and spiritual level.
Some church leaders would prefer no kissing, hugging, or touching to avoid the temptation of sex.
Couples that abide by the Catholic Church belief system are encouraged to have as many children as their circumstances allow.

Most churches stand against premarital sex. Absolutely no acceptions outside of marriage. Any form of sex before, is frowned upon. Work cited:
Elejalde-Ruiz, Alexia. "Sexual Evolution." Chicago Tribute. 14 August 2011:9 Sirs Issues Researcher. WEb. 28 Nov. 2012
Stephey M.J "A Brief History Of: Abstinence." Time 173.8 (2009): 16. Midle Search Plus. Web. 8 Jan. 2013
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