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"Our Day Out"

No description

Hannah Ferguson

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of "Our Day Out"

"Our Day Out"
by Willy Russell
Plan today:
* Introduction to 1970s Liverpool.
* First impressions of the play.
* Planning for a school trip.
Planning for a school trip.
In pairs you are going to plan your ideal school trip in Britain.
You must include the following sub-headings:
Where would you go and why?
What would you do when you get there?
How would you travel from school?
How much would it cost?
What type of teachers would you have with you?
What would you like them to do?
What type of pupils would you like to come with you?
What should be the rules for coming on the trip?
Liverpool in the 1970s
You are going to look at some pictures.
Note down:
- what you see;
- What you think;
- how it makes you feel;
- anything else that you find
First impressions...
...do they count?
What have you learned?
What have you enjoyed?

* Reflect on learning.
* Plot timeline.
* Questions on the play.
* Take a closer look at
the characters
Welcome back 3rd year!
What's happened so far?
Display this information in a mind map or a bullet pointed list.
Mrs Kay

• Using a quotation, explain what her attitude/relationship with her pupils is like.

• Using a quotation, explain what her attitude towards discipline is like.

Mr Briggs

• Using a quotation, explain what his attitude/relationship with his pupils is like.

• Using a quotation, explain what his attitude towards discipline is like.
1. What do you think of the progress class? Give
reasons for your answer.

2. Who are the dominant pupils in the class? How
do you know this?

3. How do you feel about the character of Mrs.
Kay and why?

4. How is Mr. Briggs different to her and why?

5. What teacher do the progress class prefer and

6. What has happened in the play so far that you
enjoyed and why?
If finished:

Describe a school trip that you went on that was good/bad. Give reasons for this and include thoughts and feelings.
Work in pairs:
* Your best or worst
school trip.
* Questions on the play.
* Compare characters.
* Read on!
What happened?
Tell someone!
- Where did you go?
- What happened?
- Why was it good/bad?
1. Fill in comparison sheet - 2 for Mr Briggs
2 for Mrs Kay (p.22 - 24/p.14 - 16)

2. Fill in Your plot line for Scene 7 - 20.

3. What do outsiders think of the progress
class? Do you think it's fair? -

Answer in your jotter giving reasons for your answer.
Plan Today

liberalism - freedom and equality
* Read Scene 21 - 30
* Story board the scenes
(6 boxes)
* Discussion questions.
Stage Directions - 1
Mrs Kay, Carol & Susan - 2
Colin, Andrews & Reilly - 4
Mr Briggs - 3
Digga, Keeper & Ronson - 5
Girl 1 & 2 & boy - 5/6
Scene 21 - 30
1. Storyboard scene
21 - 30 in 6 boxes.

2. Discuss and all
write down
detailed answers
with evidence for
Q. 19 - 23.
"Our Day Out"
* Personal opinion.

* Recap on scene 31.

* Characterisation of Mrs
Kay and Mr Briggs.

* Begin preparation for group
Plan today:
Learning Intentions

* Work together and support each other to complete a group task.
* Discuss and identify key attitudes and relationships in the play.
* Support your argument with evidence from the text.
* Display your work on a poster.
Task 1 - Paired Discussion Task
1. What has been your favourite part in the play so far and why?

2. Who is your favourite character and why?
Task 2 - Individual Task
On your post-it write:
1. your name
2. What happened between Mr Briggs and Mrs Kay in scene 31?
3. How do you feel about the situation?
Task 3 - Group Task
Group 1 -
Ryan W

Group 2 -

Group 3 -

Group 4 -
Group 5 -

Group 6 -
1. On one side of the paper you are going to write down everything you think, feel and know about Mrs Kay
2. On one side of the paper you are going to write down everything you think, feel and know about Mr Briggs
Group Task - Discussion

- a note taker;
- a time keeper;
- a group leader

1. What did you learn about Mrs Kay or Mr Briggs.
Learning Intentions
- I can work successfully with others.
- I understand how to take notes.
- I can listen, watch and take notes.
- I can use my notes to feedback my opinions.
context - the context of something
is the background story.
- famous for music
- football - Liverpool FC Everton FC
- distinct accent
- big on shipping/factory work
- City
- rich and poor
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