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Scavenger of the Tropical Rainforest

No description

Nicholas Brown

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Scavenger of the Tropical Rainforest

Abotic and Biotic factors that affect the King Vulture Where it lives. The king Vulture lives in the Tropical Rainforest which is one of the most complex and diverse biomes on earth.
The rainforest averages anywhere from 55-160 inches of rain fall each year .
It nearly rains each and every day there making it humid there. Scavengers of the Tropical Rainforest
The King Vulture The Food Chain In the Food Chain the King Vulture would be considered at the top since it feeds off other animals.
Also in the food chain there would be foxes, deer, bugs, small birds, and rodents. The Population of the Community and How we affect it.
The Scientific Name for the King Vulture King Vulture Tropical Rainforest The King Vulture is a scavenger so it depends on dead remains of animals to eat.
The population also effects the vulture with it going up or down their food supply also goes up or down.
If there are too many trees cut down it would have to move to somewhere different or a new habitat. Us Humans affect the Tropical Rainforest by cutting down tress making the vultures relocate.
However the population of this species for the most part stays the same each year. The Scientific name for the King Vulture is (Sacrogyps calvus). Annual Rain fall and temperature in the Tropical Rainforest
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