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erika steinger

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of u4l6

Les Miserables
Fantine is about to be arrested by Monsieur Javert
During Reading
Do Now
Get your Springboard book, then copy down the EQ and word of the day

Answer the following question in your notebook.
Imagine that you are about to be arrested. Write 3-4 sentences in which you are speaking to the officer.
Which rhetorical appeal did you use (ethos, pathos, or logos)? Why?
Thursday, March 12th
Rhetorical Appeals
Write a TEXAS paragraph answering the following question:
Which rhetorical appeal does Fantine use and what does it reveal about her character?
Rhetorical Appeals
What can the use of a rhetorical appeal reveal about the speaker? The audience?

If a speaker uses pathos, for example, what does that say about both him/her and the person he/she is appealing to?
What vocal delivery strategies does Fantine use? (tone, pause, pitch, volume, pace)
Does she use rhetorical appeals?
Use SOAPSTONE to determine how Fantine is being characterized
Les Miserables
Use SOAPSTONE to annotate the text
Highlight or underline evidence of rhetorical appeals
(Hint: Topic sentence "Fantine uses the rhetorical appeal ______, revealing that she is a _________
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