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Firts conditional.

No description

Luis Enrique Torres Cruz

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Firts conditional.

First conditional.
If we help the planet by turning off lights not needed during the day and night.
if we recycled paper, we will save many trees.
If we recycle water bottles, we can take care the enviroment.
Luis Enrique Torres Cruz #33
Edgar Geovanni Silvano Hernández #30
Regina Guadalupe Zamora Sauz #38
Ricardo Valenzuela #34

Tercer Semestre grupo D T/M
Inglés III
Profesora: Alma leticia Guerrero León
If we save electrical energy, we would help the enviroment.
If we can conserve water, we will prevent enviroment.
If we do not pollute the water, would not kill fishes.
If we burn away, we could contaminate soil.
If we recycle water, stop water pollution.
If we throw trash on the beaches, we pollute the sea.
If i do not stay too bathing time, i can save water.
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