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HSC Society and Culture-

No description

Mallorie Jansen

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of HSC Society and Culture-


HSC Society and Culture-
Creating a successful PIP

Personal Interest Project
Each student is to complete a Personal Interest Project (PIP) as a requirement in the HSC course.

Each personal interest project is to:
– be a topic of the student’s own choice
– be related to the course
– develop appropriate methodologies
– include a cross-cultural perspective.
Marking Guidelines
Goal: Band 6 PIP-
Helpful Tips
Helpful Tips
Components of a PIP:
The presented project must include the following components:

• An Introduction
• Log
• Central Material of the Personal Interest
• Conclusion
• Resource List (Annotated)
• Certification

It is extremely important to follow the marking criteria in order to produce a Band 6 response. Use the following URL to view the Marking Guidelines...

Appropriate methodologies/instruments that should be included:
• survey
• interview
• case study
• observation
• statistical analysis
• content analysis
• ethnographic study
• focus group
• personal reflection
• action research
• secondary research.
• questionnaire

HSC Performance
Examples of Great PIPs
Follow the URL below to see award winning examples of PIPs
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