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Zulu People

African People Project

alina espinosa

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of Zulu People

They are known to be fierce, strong, and violent warriors. A king of the Zulu clan wanted to extend the Zulu tribe of all into one nation. Due to this act, there was a war between the Anglo and Zulu in 1880. The Zulu's power declined. The Zulu people arrived in South Africa in the 16Th century. South Africa- The Zulu British troops began to move into the Zulu territory. Zulu community was divided into smaller chiefdom. They were designated to live in today's Kwa-Zulu- Natal province. A lot of conflict arose because of this decision. Dr. Mangosuthu's goal was to overthrow apartheid. There were many gory, and bloody fights. Peace was restored and Dr. Mangosuthu
became the South African Minister of Home Affairs. Religion
Old-fashioned Zulu people believe in a powerful being called UMvelinqangi.
Also known as "the one who came first."
It controls everything and cannot be contacted by humans.
It is beyond the realm of humans' burdens.
There are no rituals in his honor.
Zulu people are very superstitious.
Although some Zulu have converted to Christianity. Customs Language
Zulu people speak isiZulu.
A Bantu-based language spoken by over nine million people in South Africa.
Similar to its sister languages, Swazi and Xhosa, Zulu have embraced the clicking sounds.
Clicking sounds of the South Africa aboriginal people are called the Khoisan.
It is also called a Nguni-root language known for its musical sounds and unique clicking noise.
It uses prefixes and suffixes to change the meaning of the words. In South Africa there are the impee, where ten or more young men run together in absolute flawless coordination for miles.
Zulu hold a lot of expectations for young children in their villages, because of their warrior past.
Kids are supposed to become part of the society and pay commitment, to any cheif leader or king.
Family farm properties are all organized into "kraal" or compound.
The teenagers take the first name of their peer group, then in early adult hood they take the name of their clan. They do this method to uphold their Zulu culture. History Traditions
The Zulu have a victorious and glorious history of being fierce warriors.
Their kingship has an influence on their traditions.
The Zulu shield is one of the most treasured items, it is displayed in many museums around South Africa. Recipes
Southern Africa foods are influenced by many cultures.
Including: Indian, Asian, and Dutch influences.
One of their most popular dishes is a meat kebab, also known as a sosatie.
Sosatie is prepared in a braai, which is a an open fire.
Africans use a "spicy sauce". Eco Info: Animals
Southern Africa is the home of 20 state- sponsored reserve areas.
It is the third in the world for animal diversity.
Also 24th for native species.
South Africa has the world's largest animal preserve called the Kruger National Park.
There are: rhinos, giraffes, zebras, lions, elephants, and more.
Animals that inhabit southern Africa: Impala, Springbok, Baboon, White Rhino, Burchell's Zebra. Vegetation
South Africa consists of many eco-systems.
It has a great and wonderful vegetation in South Africa.
South Africa alone has more than 9,000 plant species.
Also 68 separate vegetation types.
One of the most famous vegetation group is the Cape Floral Kingdom.
It is the most diverse floral eco-systems on the planet.
Some vegetation: bruniaceae, giant protea, succulents, and fynbos. Music

Zulu enjoy singing all the time, it is definitely part of their life style.
They use a variety of objects such as: mouth harps, rattles, and clapping.
One of their most fascinating instruments is the ugubha or single-string gourd bow.
Its similar to a single-string violin.
It makes a low humming sound. Folklore
Zulu beliefs are passed down from generation to generation and have become a tradition.
They talk about the creations of things, and way of life.
Zulu celebrate aging.
The Zulu culture holds celebrations for older people in their villages.
They think that the aging process is a privilege.
Death is just a milestone. Overview
Very old rock called the Kaapvl craton,
It is 2.6 billion years old.
It is the most stable continental formation on the planet.
The rock holds some of the most valuable minerals in the world.
Such as: asbestos, platinum, gold , and diamonds.
In 1870 there was a huge finding of diamonds in south Africa.
Sixteen years later the world's largest deposit of gold was found.
Also conflicts started between black and whites.
Laws were introduced and in 1910 black land ownership was declined.
The policy of the aparthied was laid.
Almost a century later aparthied was disbanded.
World's highest rates of HIV infection.
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