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Afghanistan Economy

No description

Andrew Bryant`

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Afghanistan Economy

Thank You!
Afghanistan's economy has significantly improved since 2002 due to billions of dollars in international assistance and investments.
Afghanistan Economy
With U.S. comparisons
Economic History
By Andrew Bryant
Up to $3 trillion in untapped mineral deposits, which would make it the richest mining region in the world.
Remains one of the least developed countries in the world due to conflicts.
United States
$35.5 billion
$16.6 trillion
GDP per capita
Inflation (yearly)
Average income
The 1979 Soviet invasion and the following civil war destroyed much of the country's limited infrastructure and disrupted the economy.
Afghanistan's economy had doubled in growth between 2002 and 2006, and doubled again from 2006 to present day.
Drug influence on Afghanistan economy
Afghanistan produces over 90% of the worlds opium, an ingredient used in heroin.
Afghanistan is also the top producer of cannabis (weed) in the world.
Over 35% of Afghanistan's gross national product (GNP) is from opium production alone.
A large percentage of Afghanistan's economy is from agriculture (mainly opium).
In 2004, Afghanistan was ranked 173 out of 177 countries for development. They still have a low rank despite the growth starting in 2002. They are currently ranked 175 out of 187.

Cannabis plant
Potential to
Plans to get an investment from china to start a large mining campaign.
This will provide a huge boost to afghanistan's economy and will rapidly accelerate its growth.
Aynak copper mine
Connection to
The Kite Runner
The Taliban coming to power starting in 1994 had a huge impact on the economy.
They were the ones with all the wealth at the time.
Exports and Imports
Common Exports:
opium, fruits,
nuts, rugs,
wool, cotton,
Common Imports:
Capital goods (machinery,
tools, buildings etc.)
food, textiles, and
petroleum products.
Export Partners:
Import Partners:
Mainly Pakistan and
Also Tajikistan, and
The United States.
Mainly Pakistan, The United
States, and Russia.
Also India, China,
and Germany.
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