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WGUMC Planning 2

No description

Chris Snelgrove

on 29 January 2011

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Transcript of WGUMC Planning 2

Walnut Grove UMC
Strategic Planning Document F. Supporting Facilities: repairs and upgrades to support services offered.

Appropriate work area: Council on Ministries

Suggested Actions: Create Communications/Advertising Committee Discipleship:
Growing in
Christ-Likeness Goal:
Integrate fully into all areas

Appropriate work area:

Council on Ministries: Pastor, SS Superintendent, COM Chair

Suggested Actions:

First goal will be insuring those who lead are instructed in these aims Current Local:
Local missions
Special community support activities
(meeting special needs)
Fishing Rodeo
Christmas Assistance
Boys Home
Home repairs

Low-cost ministry for entire community

Bible and Faith-based instruction Future:

How should we improve daycare and gain opportunities for the church:

Determine changing community needs

Examine physical plant and supporting facilities: Refurbish playground

Incorporate into church family activities

Examples: Christmas and Easter, special seasonal events Current Global:

Largely done through the greater Church
Through apportioned giving
Disaster relief & offerings

Our Nicaragua mission
Future Local:

Use Bus for outings, topical retreats, etc.
Baby Clothes Closet exchange
(possibly staffed by young moms)

Emergency Response Coordinator
to support local community by
having a response plan, call lists, etc

That's why we're meeting here today! Future Global:

Presenters to make info available about the ministries we already support through apportioned giving, such as through the General Board of Global Ministries for famine relief, etc.

Find ways to celebrate these so that apportionments are not just seen as “taxes”
Get individuals to adopt Line - items Future Possibilities include:

A. Publicizing what we have to offer by establishing an advertising committee

- Paid Advertising
- posters in businesses
- Flyers for neighborhoods
- Individual Efforts through pamphlets,
handouts for work, etc
- Special Days (once monthly)
- Bring Friend, Relative, Associate, Neighbor
- Neighborhood canvassing
-more / improve existing signage

B. look for opportunities for service in off-campus ministry settings

C. Pastor and selected individuals work to build relationships with other churches through joint worship and service projects within a recommended time frame.

D. Determine what other churches in our community’s objectives and focus on ministries are in order to determine what additional or complimentary services are needed, so as not to duplicate efforts This document has taken its current form through months of sifting through statistical data, the program and ministries of Walnut Grove United Methodist Church, and from conversations with various small groups and individuals of the congregation.

The Strategic Planning Team recommends commissioning a professional study of our current facility and of proposed future building additions.

The team also recommends the formation of an “Implementation Committee” or an equivalent group as a way of carrying these findings forward and of implementing specific plans to position WGUMC in ministry well into the future. We have a story to tell that is unique to God’s work at Walnut Grove UMC.
We should find creative ways to reach the people in our area who do not have a church home
or who are nominally Christian
with the story of God’s love for them.

This includes building relationships with other churches so that the Good News might reach as many people as possible. This is the natural result of our worship and growth through discipleship training.

It involves meeting people where they are in need, whether physically, emotionally or spiritually,
and trusting that God is already at work to prepare them to receive his love through us. We dream of a church overflowing with love, enthusiasm, and people who are ready to serve one another and the community; a place where everyone identifies and uses their gifts in the ministry of the Church.

We see a church that reaches out to children, youth, the elderly, and minorities.

We want to see a financially sound program of stewardship that finds creative ways to accomplish our mission.

We dream of a church that is also a home, and that cherishes our rich heritage as a resource for future generations as it has for more than 150 years. This is the point-of-contact for relating to God, and for approaching the highest aim of human existence.

It is bringing all of one’s being into an awareness of God’s gracious presence with us in the person of Jesus Christ, through the love of God the Father, and fellowship with God and each other through the Holy Spirit.

Since this involves the total person, our worship experience should seek to appeal to all of the human senses as well as the intellect.

Our language should be that of expectation, our discussions reasonable and honest.

The sights, sounds, aromas, and even what we touch, should all express the Presence of God with us.

All persons should feel welcome in an environment of love and acceptance.

While the church is a body of people, the structure or physical plant supports the people in these things.

It is our responsibility to provide a safe, attractive, functional facility for worship.

Walnut Grove United Methodist Church, organized in 1858, is one of the oldest Methodist churches in Spartanburg County.
Though changes in Methodism over the years have made partial name changes necessary, “Walnut Grove” has always been included. The name came originally from the nearby Walnut Grove Post Office – built in a grove of walnut trees – that was in existence when the first church building was erected.
Originally the church was called Walnut Grove Methodist Episcopal Church, South. The first meetings were held near the present church site and were known as “brush arbor” meetings.
Many of the first members were converted at some of these meetings. It was in 1859 that the present property was deeded for the express purpose of erecting a Methodist Episcopal Church, South. The land was given by J. E. Stenhouse, who, at the time was a member of this community.
It was between 1859 and 1861 that a church building was erected by the people of the community under the supervision of Mr. Gamaliel James and Mr. Robert James. At that time, it was one of the few buildings in the area with a self-supporting roof.
In the beginning of her history, Walnut Grove was on the North Carolina Charge. By the early 1860’s, she was on the Rich Hill Circuit, which name was changed to the Pacolet Circuit in the early 1860’s. In 1880, the membership was about 100; in 1900, it was 104. It was not until after 1900 that the church had a Sunday School all year. Because of inclement weather, a bad road, and the lack of heating facilities, the Sunday School had previously been disbanded for the mid-winter months.
Early- Mid 1900’s
In 1903, plans were developed for the present building and the first sermon was preached there on September 4, 1905.
During the 1940’s the church was remodeled, adding Sunday School rooms and a choir loft to the sanctuary. A heating system was installed in 1949.
The 1950’s were years of expansion and growth. In 1951, the membership was about 180. A Methodist Youth Fellowship was organized. A parsonage was constructed in 1956 and the ground was broken for a new educational building in 1957.
When the three branches of Methodism were united in 1958, the church’s name was changed to Walnut Grove Methodist Church. 2000’s
2000 First Upward Basketball games are played at Walnut Grove;
our first Church Website is developed;
200 lbs of canned goods are delivered to TOTAL Ministries by WGUMC;
WGUMC members work with Habitat for Humanity;
new paraments are donated to church for altar;
a joint Thanksgiving service is held with Mt Calvary Presbyterian.
2001 The SC Annual Conference recognizes WGUMC Heritage Committee with the Herbert Hucks Award for Historical preservation;
Master Planning Committee holds regular meetings to study future ministry needs of community and expansion of current physical plant; new “Master Plan” is revealed at Homecoming
2002 Rev. Herb Franklin announces decision to enter military chaplaincy; Rev. John Evatt and wife Janet begin ministry at WGUMC on June 12th;
new photo directory is produced
Sept. 15 – lightning struck our steeple causing multiple damages to church facilities including HVAC, phones, computers, and plaster (the cap on the steeple will have to be replaced or repaired;
2003 Mission Projects: Bethlehem Center, Sptg. Soup Kitchen,
June 1 – received another Hucks award at annual conference.
July – held a month of “camp” style worship services.
New sanctuary front doors installed (built by Terry Belcher) in memory of Ryan Lancaster, Nov. 16 UM Men held a reorganizational meeting – did not charter.
2006 July 30 - New large print Bibles dedicated during worship.
Ginny Layton awarded UNW Missions Award
2007 June 10 – Rev. Major’s last Sunday – June 17 – Rev. Chris Snelgrove begins ministry at WGUMC.
Sept. 23 - Homecoming - attendance 101 – Columbarium dedicated.
Nov. – New furnace installed in sanctuary and conversion to gas in all facilities.
Dec. 15 - Drought breaks with needed rain.
Open House at the parsonage.
2008 Jan. 20 – Heritage Committee kicks off 150th celebration of the organization of WGUMC in 1858. Quarterly events and monthly “Heritage Moments” will take place throughout the year.
Women’s Bible Studies held.
New Bus purchased.
2009 Herbert Hucks award given again at Annual Conference to Heritage committee for 150th celebration. Copyright 2011 Walnut Grove UMC. All rights reserved.
 The Cross and Flame is a registered trademark and the use is supervised by the General Council on Finance and Administration of The United Methodist Church. Permission to use the Cross and Flame must be obtained from the General Council on Finance and Administration of The United Methodist Church - Legal Department, 1200 Davis Street, Evanston, IL 60201. We are part of a church family.
Therefore, we should be intentional in providing opportunities for family life.

This is integral to welcoming new family members, and helps us all discover the community of faith and our place in it.

We believe that participation in small groups is an important way to foster growth in a church family. Christians are to grow and continue to mature in faith throughout our lives.

Therefore, we must be intentional in promoting spiritual growth by providing opportunities to learn the spiritual disciplines and the means of grace by teaching how they are practiced.

For example: an emphasis on “prayer” through sermons, mentored relationships, small groups, Sunday School, Bible Studies, and organized prayer. We will teach in every educational, social, and ministry setting:

A. How to have a relationship with God through Christ and walk daily in that relationship

B. How to engage in the mission of the church in daily life

C. What are the doctrines of the United Methodist Church and of the universal Church Touching Lives,

Building Faith,

Through the Power
of God’s Love Purpose and Scope

This report represents the work of the Strategic Planning Team in its examination of the current and projected status of ministry at Walnut Grove UMC. The Team Executive Summary Conducted an examination of the Vision and Mission statement of the church formed through vision and planning sessions held by the church leadership.

Surveyed the history of Walnut Grove UMC

Examined current ministries

Observed and charted recent trends in worship attendance

Acquired current research from relevant demographic data for the community we serve

Recommends commissioning a professional study of our current facility and of a proposed future addition to the structure.

Recommends the formation of an “Implementation Committee”
(or some equivalent group) as a way of carrying these ideas forward,
and of implementing specific plans to position WGUMC in ministry well into the future. Worship:
Honoring God Possibilities for action:

A. Solicit suggestions for improvements to our worship services B. Conduct two evening services per month with at least one having a youth and / or a contemporary emphasis. Current Status: Two monthly evening services

Future: a contemporary format evening service w/ music team, sermon, drama, etc.

Appropriate work area: Worship/Council on Ministries

Suggested Actions: assemble necessary elements for recurring services C. Explore offering an earlier Sunday morning service. Prerequisite: a stable target attendance of 95. Current: One morning Service
Future: Possibly implement a newtraditional-format service at 11:00 ammorning service with an alternative format
Appropriate work area: Worship/Council on Ministries
Suggested Actions: Determine interest and support for such a service D. Set attendance goals for each worship service
and the Sunday School. Appropriate work area:

Worship/Council on Ministries
Sunday School Superintendent

Suggested Actions:

develop realistic goals,
implement ways of encouraging attendance E. Suggested actions to promote these ministries: In House:
Signage, Coffee fellowship, Posters & Multimedia

In Community:
posters in businesses, Flyers, pamphlets for neighborhoods,

Special Days in which we stress attendance and
bringing a Friend, Relative, Associate, or Neighbor.

Establish Communications / Advertising Committee Appropriate work area:

Trustees, Strategic Planning Team

Suggested Actions:

Get a professional assessment of our facility assessing:
1). Short Term repairs and improvements,
2). Long Term improvements and/or
additions necessary to support
congregational growth,
3). Storage: address current and future needs
4) Attendance /finance benchmarks Daycare:
Low-cost ministry for entire community
Bible and Faith-based instruction
Uniting Believers
in Community Possibilities for action:

A. Continue Small Group development relative to age or interests Suggested Future:

Continue fun / instructional extracurricular offerings

Develop other opportunities for those with artistic / musical interests

Include the Walnut Grove Community in Block parties
And carnival style fellowship modeled on One-Day- VBS Examples of Current offerings:

Sunday School Classes

Tuesday noon Bible study

Thursday Men’s Bible study

Other Bible Studies

Line Dancing Classes

Girl Scouts

Adult Choir

Possible Future:

Develop topical and UM related Short-term classes

Improve Support for Youth classes United Methodist Men

- Projects to benefit Church, meals, cleanup

Possible Future:

Plan Men’s / Couples retreats

Needs input from UMM United Methodist Women


- fellowship meals, service and missions

Possible Future:

Plan Women’s / Couples retreats

Needs input from UMW Ministry:
Meeting People’s
Needs Evangelism:
the Good News Go ahead! Ask your questions... And, more importantly... Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going?

In 1960 membership stood at 211. A program of renovation was begun with the steeple being rebuilt, the sanctuary re-roofed and the brick veneer added.
Walnut Grove’s name changed again in 1968, when the Methodist and the Evangelical United Brethren Church merged to become the United Methodist Church.
The late 1960’s were laced with strife that significantly impacted the church. Reports concerning actions in the National and World councils of churches, the Civil Rights Movement, and the merger with the EUB church resulted in a loss of membership.
The remaining members continued to carry out the work of the United Methodist Church. By 1971 the membership was 170. Air conditioning was installed in the sanctuary. In the summer of 1979, Walnut Grove welcomed its 55th pastor and its first female pastor, Rev. Jane. Hall.
1981 Sanctuary and nursery refurbished; new lighting in sanctuary and new offering plates.1983 new organ purchased. 1988 Rev. Janet Joens becomes second female pastor; Cemetery/History Committee formed. 1989 services held with emphasis on missions and hurricane damage relief. 1990 A new United Methodist Women’s circle is formed, five man team sent to help to rebuild St Paul UMC. 1990’s
1991Parking lot paved and landscaping done; Walnut Grove adopts Administrative Council ministry model; WGUMC sends old hymnals to Hugo-ravaged coastal congregation.
1992 At the Hinton Rural Life planning session, a decision is made to establish daycare and purchase bus; Children’s group, “The Pioneers,” learn about Russian culture during Soviet breakup through the UM Committee on Relief, send food to Russian relief effort; Prayer chain established; in celebration of Earth Day, the first of many trees is planted and members adopt other greenery projects for the church grounds; The Cemetery Committee repairs cemetery monuments and plans publication of first History of Walnut Grove; WGUMC receives city water.
1993 A Building Committee is formed in order to plan a new Family Life Center; a new United Methodist Women’s circle for young women, “Caring Sisters,” is formed; Walnut Grove children’s musical, “We like Sheep,” goes on the road to area churches.
1994 another United Methodist Women’s circle for women aged 40’s to 50’s, “The Leah Circle” is formed. The Caring Sisters commission an artist to paint murals in nursery; on June 11th, the congregation votes overwhelmingly to build new Family Life Center
1995 The Church receives monies for construction of Life Center: a$50,000 grant from the Committee on Congregational Development and $100,000 is raised to match an anonymous gift of $100,000; the sanctuary is repainted; 10 Sunday School classes stretch the limits of our facility; the Pastor-Parish Relations Committee approves the hiring of a Daycare Director
1996 The sanctuary floor is refinished and recarpeted; groundbreaking is held on April 21st for Family Life Center; the site is cleared and the steel is in place by October; the new Daycare opens on July 1st after our facility passes State inspection; Walnut Grove holds a union Thanksgiving Service with Harrison Grove Baptist Church; new history book is offered by Heritage Committee for purchase as Christmas gifts.
1997 Bishop Lawrence McKleskey Presides at the dedication of the Ruth Layton Pettit Family Life Center on June 8th. Revival services are held; Rev. Pa Pan, the first Cambodian ordained as a UM pastor, preaches at WGUMC.
1998 The first “Beans and Greens” dinner is held by the Heritage Committee; men’s and women’s softball teams are formed; a Coed Volleyball team is started; the Bloodmobile visits; Rev. Herb Franklin and family begin ministry here; a photo directory is produced for the congregation Conclusion Our Vision Our Mission To reach out to nonbelievers and develop them,
along with existing believers,
into committed follower of Christ
through the power of God’s love.

This Reflects Our Understanding of
The Great Commission of the Church:

Matthew 28:18-20

Then Jesus came to them and said,
"All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.
Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,
baptizing them in the name of
the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
and teaching them to obey
everything I have commanded you.
And surely I am with you always,
to the very end of the age." We will accomplish our Mission by
meeting together
for 5 Specific Purposes:

Worship: Honoring God

Discipleship: Growing in Christ-Likeness

Fellowship: Uniting Believers in Community

Ministry: Meeting People’s Needs

Evangelism: Spreading the Good News 150+ Years of History Examples of ... and dream God's Dream.
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