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Genocide in Equatorial Guinea

No description

Amy Rogala

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Genocide in Equatorial Guinea

Genocide in
Equatorial Guinea By: Amy Rogala
Equatorial Guinea Genocide_1968- 1979 Overview Timeline The Ending Location: Who is he? How'd he do it? What he did Francisco Macias
Nguema *He was the son of a witch doctor

*A witch doctor type of healer who treated ailments believed to be caused by witchcraft

*Allegedly killed his younger brother

*In 1970, Nguema was elected president of
Equatorial Guinea

*In 1972, he made himself
president for life *Allegedly committed genocide against
the Bubi ethnic minority

*Ordered the death of thousands of suspected opponents

*Closed down churches and banned Christianity

*Presided over the economy's
collapse *He elected himself president for life

*He killed everyone who wore glasses

*He was afraid of smart people

*He got rid of people who he thought
would rebel *Equatorial Guinea is in the middle of Africa

*It is one of Africa's smallest countries

*It has two parts:
Insular Region
Mainland Region

*On the west coast of Africa This is the Bubi ethnic flag Gaining their independence from Spain
Electing Francisco Macias Nguema as their president
Later he made himself president for life
He assumed all powers
One third of the countries population
Targeted Bubi ethnic minority
Bubi population is still discriminated against
One of the nine least free countries
"Auschwitz of Africa." 1968- Equatorial Guinea gains independence

1968-1969: Nguema murdered 1/6th of the population

1970- Francisco Macias Nguema became the 1st president

1972- Macias made himself president for life

1975- Nguema closed down all schools

By Christmas of 1975, Macias had killed 80,000
of the 300,000 people in
Equatorial Guinea After killing nearly 75% of Equatorial Guinea's
population, Francisco Macias Nguema was overthrown and executed by his own nephew, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Population: 720,000 (2011) Capital: Malabo Major languages: Spanish, French Major religion: Christianity Life Expectancy: Men: 50 years
Women: 53 years Area of 28,000 square km. Who are the Bubi people? An African ethnic group of the Bantu group
who are indigenous to Bioko Island.

The Bubi people have long held little political power.

Most Bubi people that remain on Bioko Island
speak the Bube language.

Many of the islanders also speak Spanish as
a secondary language One of Equatorial
Guinea's last kings Bioko Island - Indigenous
land of the Bubi
Kingdom This is a picture of Bubi children Francisco Macias
Nguema Teodoro Obiang
Nguema Connections to Holocaust Similar: Different: *They both killed tons of
innocent people

*Both were caused by the
belief that a certain race
was an ethnic minority
(Jews & Bubi people) *The Holocaust killed a lot
more people

*Equatorial Guinea's
president was guilty of
committing the genocide;
Hitler was just a dictator that
was guilty of committing
the genocide

*Hitler had most of
Germany's people on his side;
Nguema did not *The Holocaust happened
from 1933-1945
*The genocide in Equatorial
Guinea was from 1968-1979
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