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Factors Affecting Fitness

G7 Health presentation

Melissa Hamada

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Factors Affecting Fitness

Being Fit and Being Healthy are all connected! Factors Affecting Fitness Age Matters! Build Diet Maximum fitness levels will peak (or be highest) in your 20's! *sigh* not great news if you are over 30.... Gender Males will usually be taller and stronger than females from the age of 11 onwards.
Females are usually more flexible. Your body composition or somatotype makes you fitter and more likely to be successful in some sports over others. To be fit you must be healthy - you need to eat right! Exercise No matter what your age or gender, regular exercise will make and keep you fit! Physical Disability A disability can make you unfit in some activities but you can still be very fit in others! Illness and Fatigue It is hard to perform and be at your best if you are sick/ill or tired. Get the rest you need. Drug taking Drugs contain chemicals that affect you body systems and functions. They can lower your fitness and damage your health. eg. Alcohol, cigarettes, performance enhancing drugs. STRESS!!!!!!! Lowers your fitness because it has an affect on your health. Regular exercise can reduce the effects of stress. Environmental
Factors Can affect your health and fitness too. Pollution, traffic, heat, altitude are all examples... As you age... your muscles weaken; bones are more fragile; heart rate drops; movement decreases; body fat increases. Resource list All images except for body composition are licensed under creative commons.
Slide 1: Playing with a Hula Hoop by Kalexanderson licensed by CC NC SA
Slide 3: Sports by FallenTomato licensed by CC BY NC SA
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Slide 7: unknown CC
Slide 8: 115of365 by NTR23 licensed by CC BY NC SA

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