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Science Cell Analogy Project

No description

Sarah Calado

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Science Cell Analogy Project

Science Cell Analogy-
Plant Cell vs.Football Stadium Cell Wall Football Stadium A football stadium is like a cell wall because it surrounds and helps provide the cell or football players with protection and support. It serves as a boundary for everything that happens inside and outside of the stadium. Vacuole Football Bench A football bench is like a vacuole because it holds the players that are not in the game just like a vacuole holds waste, water and food. Chloroplast Concession stand A concession stand is like the chloroplast in a plant cell that gives people food similar to the way the chloroplast uses photosynthesis to provide food for the plant. Nucleus Football Coach The Football Coach is like a nucleus because he is in control of the team and what the team does. By: Yuri, CJ & Sarah DNA Nuclear Envelope Nucleolus Ribosome Smooth E.R. Rough E.R. Vesicles Golgi Bodies Cell Membrane Mitochondria Cytoplasm Referee The referee is like a nucleolus because the referee is in control of making calls, judging whether or not the team gets the point and whenever the team or a player on the team does an incorrect move. Coach's Office The coach's office is like the nuclear envelope because it is like a barrier that separates the coach from the football team and football field. This is also where the coach is able to reflect or think about strategies to help the team and how the team had been playing during the past few games. Football Players/Fans The football players are like ribosomes because they are what make up the team and help play football against the other teams. The fans are also like ribosomes because they cheer on the football teams which helps motivate the players to play as well as they do. Equipment Manager The equipment manager is like the smooth e.r in a plant cell because they provide the football team with the proper equipment needed to help the team while practicing before games and during games. Stadium Stands The stadium stands are like the rough e.r.
in a plant cell because they hold the fans
which are the ribosomes similar to how the
rough e.r. has ribosomes. Playbook The playbook where the plays of the
football team are written is like the
vesicles in a plant cell because it shows
the plan of how and where the players will play/stand during a football game. Offense Football Field Boundary Lines The boundary lines are like the cell membrane because it tells the players that they have to stay inside the boundary lines, which also controls the football players that stay inside and go outside the boundary lines. Quarterback The quarterback of the football team is like
mitochondria because the quarterback is the
power of the team, similar to the
mitochondria in a plant cell. Football Field The football field is like the cytoplasm in a plant cell because it fills up most of the stadium and surrounds the football players. Football Players The inside of the football players are the DNA because their DNA is what makes them as a good football player they are. The DNA inside them makes them look how they look, play how they play, run how they run, etc. The offense are like golgi bodies because they have possession of the football and their job is to pass the football to the other teammates in order to advance the football to the opponents end zone to try and score points.
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