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Review Part II: Independence & New Nation

No description

Christene Stratman

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Review Part II: Independence & New Nation

Review Part II: Independence & New Nation
The 13 Colonies
But conflict soon Arises....
The French & Indian War
Who will dominate North America? France or Britain?
George Washington Attacks French!
War Breaks Out!
Ft. Necessity
British & Colonists defeat French & Indians
Britain gets Canada
BUT Britain also gets debt....
Britain decides to tax colonies to pay for War Debt
Colonists think that they should be allowed to move West, but they are denied
Proclamation of 1763
"Thou shalt not settle west of the Appalachians"
A response to Pontiac's Rebellion
Colonists' reaction-->
French & Indian War
Road to Independence
No Taxation w/out Representation!
Sugar Act 1764
Stamp Act 1765
Quartering Act 1765
taxed paper goods
enforced a tax (albeit "lower") on Sugar & Molasses
forced colonists to shelter soldiers
Before the F & I war, Britain had NOT ENFORCED its taxes and importation laws on the colonies (Salutary Neglect)
Townshend Acts
taxes on glass, oil, lead etc.
Colonial Reaction:
sons of liberty
Angry Mobs
non-importation agreement
Boston Massacre
British troops kill Bostonians
Self-defense or violent force?
Paul Revere's engraving
Patriot Propaganda
tea Act
(Not even a tax!!!!!!!)
Boston Tea Party
sons of liberty destroy tea!
Intolerable Acts
Shut down port of boston
removed self government
suspended rights of local jury
No self government for Canada
quartering of troops
War for Independence
Lexington & Concord: Shot heard around the world
"Minute Men"
The Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson
"inalienable rights...life, liberty, pursuit of happiness"
"All men are created equal"
Battle of Saratoga
American victory
convinces France to help rebels!!!!
Aid from France=money & navy
Surrender of British at Yorktown
New Nation
Articles of Confederation: Weaknesses
Constitutional Convention
Creation of Constitution
Creation of Bill of Rights
Ratification problems
First President
George Washington
warned against foreign alliances
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