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Java vs Javascript

No description

Riley Delun

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Java vs Javascript

Is Java your cup of tea? And.... Java was released in 1995 Java was first intended to be used with cellular devices Let's take a look at the history of Java Java was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems 1.1 billion desktops use Java James Gosling started work on the Java project in 1991 It later became so much more as it was a viable way to create animated webpages on the internet. Java is a strict,
object-oriented language (otherwise known as OOP) Meaning you have objects and you give those objects procedures to follow Java Advantages Disadvantages Simple to use Easier to learn compares to other languages
support Slower than C++
Takes up more memory 1) Who created the language? 2) When was it created? 3) Why was it created? 4) What type of language is it? (structured, high-level, machine, OOP) 5) What is one of its advantages? 6) What is one of its disadvantages? -Javascript is a Scripting Language -Scripting Language is a Light weight Programming Language -Javascript is directly embedded into HTML pages -Javascript was invented by Brendan Eich at Netscape -Java & Javascript are two completely different Languages.(Both in Concept & Design) Advantages
-It gives HTML Designers a programming tool
-It can put dynamic text into an HTML page
-It can react to events
-It can read & write HTML Elements
-It can be used to validate data
-It can be used to detect visitor's browsers
-It can be used to create cookies - OOP stands for Object oriented Programming - An object-oriented program may be viewed as a collection of interacting objects - The central feature is the object, which comprises a data structure definition and its defined procedures in a single structure. Java Javascript Advantages Disadvantages Slower than C++ Fast to create and runs immediately (no need to contact server) Can be inserted into webpages regardless of file extension Low demand of website server Not very secure Simple to use Easy to learn /watch?v=61CRJmTazcw&feature=plcp Interpreted differently by different browsers
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