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Seaside Cliff

Why should we build on the Seaside

Jalen Larios

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of Seaside Cliff

Seaside Cliff Why should we build on the Seaside Cliff? Less likely to flood then other residential areas
High elevation
It has little wildlife so not to disturb nature
Great advertising and tourist spot for housing Constant erosion from waves and rain
Loosened soil can easily fall off
Construction can cause erosion to quicken
A danger to population from landslides
Undercutting of the cliff can cause it to collaspe
No covering so weather affects the landform always Why shouldn't we build on the Seaside Cliff? Reports Geologist Engineer Ecologist City Council Seaside Cliff has some wildlife, although not as much as Green Hill, which has more room for wildlife. The cliff top is covered with vines, bushes, and a few small trees. The roots of these plants help to hold the soil in place, and if destroyed the cliff would collapse. In order to build housing, these plants would have to be cleared, making the cliff erode more easily. Even if the vegetation is replanted after the building is finished, it will take a while for the plants to grow, so the cliff would be unstable. In addition, there are also rabbits, gophers, deer, and other animals in the area. They would lose their homes because of the buildings. Other towns with civilians have been damaged severely by erosion which causes the cliffs to collapse. Because of this, the home insurance at Seaside Cliff is almost double the cost of homes in other areas of boomtown. The residents of Seaside Cliff would have a better view of the ocean though. This will make the house prices even more expensive. People have also been concerned that the homes will take away from the natural environment of the beach, since they will be living right next to the water. Residents are also concerned about the negative affects the breakwaters may cause. Structures built on cliffs suffer from erosion from waves constantly hitting the side of the cliff. Because of this erosion problem there many different things we could do to help stop the erosion. Some things that could be done are to plant different vegetation to keep the soil compact and together, build the houses so that their foundations are deeper in the ground, and making improved drainage systems so when it rains it doesn’t erode the land as much. The waves also cause an undercut but because of the deeper foundations it will help with that but will eventually collapse because of the weight. To prevent undercut from happening by putting a barrier at the bottom of the cliff to stop the water. It should probably be 5 foot. The Seaside Cliff is a cliff located north of the Rolling River and its tributaries in the northeastern part of Boomtown. There is some construction to the west of the cliff. Its soil is rocky and hard, making its bad for planting. Erosion and weathering are the main earth process that affects the Seaside Cliff. The strong waves from the ocean hit the cliff weathering away the rock. The construction to the west causes erosion of the cliff. Due to the Seaside Cliff being much higher than sea level, there is a low risk of flooding. The topographical map of Boomtown shows that the Seaside Cliff has been affected by the construction only on its west side. The land is not stable enough to build anything on due to the risk of erosion causing landslides. As I mentioned earlier, the land isn’t stable enough to build on. This is due to the unstable land. When there is construction being built, the land tends to erode. So due to construction in the west, the land might erode away triggering landslides.
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