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My Country Notes

A report on Egypt.

Yanni Ma

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of My Country Notes

Egypt is located on the continent of Africa. It is bordered by The Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Libya, and Sudan. Also, the time zone of Egypt (the whole country is the same) is UTC + 2:00 hour. The time zone difference between Egypt and Milwaukee is 8 hours. Egypt is in the same time zone as South Africa, Israel, and Greece. Also, the area of Egypt is 387,000 square miles, or 1,000,000square kilometers. Egypt's size is ranked #30 in size in the whole world. The capital of Egypt is Cairo. The distance from Milwaukee and Cairo is 6088 miles/9798 km. The latitude and longitude of Cairo is: Longitude:31 Latitude:30 Location and Size Interesting Facts Egypt By:Yanni Ma The national anthem of Egypt is called "My Homeland". It was adopted by Egypt in 1979. "My Homeland" is by Sayed Darwish. Also, this is the flag of Egypt. It has 3 stripes that are red, white, and black. On the Egyptian flag, black represents oppression, red represents the bloody struggle against oppression, and white is symbolic of a bright future. On the white stripe, there is a emblem of an eagle. The flag was adopted in October 4, 1984. The National Anthem and Flag The City of the Dead is in Eastern Cairo. It originally was a cemetery. Now, the City of the Dead has more then one million residents.
The Great Sphinx of Giza is half-lion, and half-human. It stands as the guardian of the three pyramids of the Giza Plateau. The statue is carved out of one enormous piece of limestone and stands 65 feet (20 m) high.
One of the most famous sights in Egypt is the Mosque of Muhammad Ali. It is located at the very top of the Citadel. It has a large central chamber that is lit by a lot of lamps that give the room a nice, warm glow.
Cairo Zoo has bears, tigers, lions, elephants, and camels. You can speak to the animal keepers and for a few pounds (Egyptian) you can feed the lions, feed the hippos, and ride a camel.
The last attraction is the Egyptian Museum. It has 120,000 items of ancient Egyptian antiquities. Highlights include the objects from the Tomb of Tutankhamen and the Royal Mummy Room containing 27 royal mummies from pharaonic times. http://online.culturegrams.com/world/world_country.php?contid=1&wmn=Africa&cid=46&cn=Egypt Credit The population of Cairo is 83,688,164. That is ranked #15 in the world for most populated country. The official language spoken is Arabic. A variety of Arabic dialects are spoken in Egypt. Cairene Arabic (a dialect) is spoken in Cairo and the surrounding areas. In Egypt, 90% of all people are Muslim. Those people pray to Allah (their God). The other ten% of the people are Coptic Christians. Egypt's currency is the Egyptian pound. The national holidays in Egypt are Lunar New Year, Labor Day, Anniversary of the Revolution, and Armed Forces Day. Animals Industries include food processing, textiles, spices, cement, chemicals, metals, petroleum, and tourism.
The national sport is soccer. Egypt's two top teams are Ahly and Zamalek.
Pharaoh Pepi II (2246-2152 B.C.) had the longest reign in history—94 years, because he became Egypt’s king when he was only 6 years old.
The pyramids of Egypt are not only the oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world, they are the only ones to survive today.
Hippos were actually considered bad omens and were associated with the evil god Seth. They were more dangerous than crocodiles and often capsized boats traveling the Nile.
The first pyramid made out of stone was built in 2650 BC, which is very early. People Special Attractions Climate Egypt is very warm. That is because it is very close to the equator. From December to February, the average high temperature is 67°, and the low temperature 50°. From March to May, the average high temperature is 81°, and the low temperature is 59°. From June to August, the average high temperature is 93°, and the low temperature 71°. From September to November, the average high temperature is 83°, and the low temperature 64°. Also, Egypt does not have much rain. From December to February, the average rainfall is 0.2. From March to May, the average rainfall is 0.1. From June to August, the average rainfall is 0.0. From September to November, the average rainfall is 0.0. Literacy and Standard of Living The life expectancy of Egypt is:
Women Men 71 75 The population of Egypt grows 2% annually. The adult literacy of the population of Egypt is 80% (male); 64% (female), but only 58% of the entire population is literate. 34% of the population is 0-14. Almost 42% is urban (living in the city), and 58% is rural (living in the countryside). Citation:
"Egypt." CultureGrams Online Edition. ProQuest, 2013. Web. 12 Mar 2013. Links to go to: http://www.touregypt.net/wildegypt/ Animals in Egypt include camels, snakes, bats, lizards, birds, and wild cats. Wild cats include panthers, jackals, and basically any wild cat found in hot places. Camels are very important because they can travel long distances across the desert. You can see a lot of camels in Cairo being used as "taxis". http://facts.randomhistory.com/interesting-facts-about-egypt.html
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