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Strategies Aimed to Reduce Risk

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Steven Dampier

on 24 November 2015

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Transcript of Strategies Aimed to Reduce Risk

Mental Health Support (MHS)
Partnership Working
We work with partnerships because it allows more options to be available at use when working with a mental health issue of an individual.
When working in the partnership it can also offer support for some people and this is a reason as to why Mental Health Support (MHS) is about working in a partnership so that we have many options available in order to help those individuals with mental health problems.
Specialists Involved
There are many different specialists that are needed for mental health issues so that there is a right diagonsis. Our first contact is with the local GP and this is because it is important for them to assess the individual before any further steps are taken.

Our second contact is a Clinical Psychologist and this is because they are the ones who are able to suggest the ways of helping with the treatment of an individual with mental health problems.

A mental health nurse is also one of the specialists and this is because these nurses are trained to deal with the right amount of medication needed, they are also able to help support the individuals.

Lastly an approved mental health professional, and this is because it is a variety of mental health roles, they assess the problems that arise and discuss in detail what should be done.
There are certain parts of training and types of inductions that need to be done in order for the right care to be provided from MHS. We aim to have the correct training for all the staff so that the service users are able to recieve the best care possible.

It is also important for the staff to have an induction into the type of mental health problems that will be dealt with so that they have an idea of how to deal with any type of situation.
The role of the care quality commission within the MHS is where there are reviews are taken of our care with mental health service users and how we are able to improve them. It is important to have regular reviews on how the care of the service users are so that if there are any problems they can then be fixed as soon as possible.
The Mental Health Support (MHS) are all about allowing families to be involved with their family members life when treating the mental health issue. When working with families, it is important that they are aware of any changes and improvements within the mental state of the individual, and this is what MHS likes to help with when families are involved.
Chloe Carroll
Decision making Processes and Forums
Depending on the type of mental health problem that an individual has then there can be a variety of decision making that needs to be done as well as the process and forums that need to be filled and so with this it can take long amounts of time in finding out how to treat and deal with a situation surronded around the certain type of mental health problem.
Staff Training and Induction
Role of Care Quality Commission
Multi-agency Working
The first agency that will be working with Mental Health Suppot (MHS) is the Mental Health Foundation and this is because this organisation helps run programmes that reseach more about mental health issues and from this it allows more information to be known about different mental health issues.

Another agency that will be in partnership with MHS is the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and this is because this agency meets the requirements of public protection as well as this agency is about finding new informaion tha counsellers and psychotherapists are able to use so that it can help people more.
Service Users
MHS is about helping the service users be treated in the right way and that they are able to recieve the best care possible. When working with service users, we hope to help them in the best way possible.

When working with the service users we hope to create care plans for them that meet every single need of the service user so that all requirements of their needs are meet.
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