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No description

Kelly Cheuk

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Taobao

In terms of internet traffic
Taobao marketplace is one of the world’s top 15 most visited website.

Why shop online?
Yuebao & Financial Market
a Chinese-based internet
(C2C) and
(B2C) corporation,

headquartered in
, Zhejiang

founded by
Jack Ma
Alibaba Group
, became a successful platform for small business & individual enterpreneurs to open online retail shop that mainly cater to consumers in
Taobao customers' consumer behavior
In terms of combined merchandise volume (GMV)

For the year ended 2013, exceeded 1-trillion RMB.

[Alexa, 2014, Retrieved 2014/04/18]
Timeline of its development
SOEs & Financial Market
¥400 billion flew away
800 million users
6% annual interest rate
¥400 billion in 8 months
Future of Yuebao
"American multinational internet consumer-to-consumer corporation"
Auction style & "Buy It Now"
128 million users; 39 countries
entered China in 2003; left in 2006
Fastened buying decision process
Taobao Vs. eBay
GMV in 2013

Tabao: +1 trillion RMB
eBay: 212 billion USD (~1.3 trillion RMB)

Alexa Top 500 Global Sites

th most visited
nd most visited

Can be done within Taobao
Compare prices
Compare styles
Usually have low involvement because of cheap price and return policies
How Taobao defeated eBay
Give comment and review
Return if the products are unsatisfactory
(1) Taobao is FREE!

Most importantly,
Taobao understood its consumers best.
(2) It's mobile-friendly & advertised on television.
Browsing Taobao has become a habit
Needs are easily aroused when browsing Taobao (recommended goods or discounts)
eBay charges a 10% fee.
Factors affecting consumer behavior
May lead to over-consumption
Prior good purchase experience
Free product return
Future Plans for eBay
Fast delivery
Break time and location barrier
invest in mobile-enabled commerce

charge commission on shipping

re enter Chinese markets
Characteristics of consumers
is cheaper?
Concern more about price than quality
Young and internet users
Accept differences in photos and real objects
Love to purchase freely at anytime and anywhere
The convenience of not needing to walk out your door
There is no need to worry about traffic or dressing appropriately. You can shop while in the comfort of your own home.
No need to worry about whether you are able to carry your own shopping
your doorstep very quickly
No matter how much you
buy, it can be delivered to
Items not usually available in your area can be bought easily
It is now very easy to buy items from
overseas through online shopping
service. Items may be limited to
certain shops locally and it may take
a long time to travel to those
shops. Online shopping
saves this time.
you can compare prices
With just one click,
Prices can easily be
compared between shops
before buying
Iu Nga Heng 2013526510
Zushun Zhu 2012571219
Cheung Pak Hing 3025052636
Cheuk Pui Wa Kelly 3035108344
Nguyen Becky Phan 3035113636
Why is Taobao so successful and what is the likely future of it
Does not rush for
you to finish your
shopping quickly
You can carefully
consider over the course of days before
finally purchasing
Discounts and free shipping
As online shops saves a portion of
money for rent, the items are relatively
cheaper than shops in malls. The
saved money can be used as
discounts or free shipping
for the customers
Why sell online?
Saves money for rent
and other fees related to
having a shop in a mall
Fast delivery
Break time and location barrier
By owning a shop in a mall, every
month a portion of money is gone to
rent and electricity bills. When setting
up a shop online, the shop owner
does not have to pay extra rent!
Central Bank of China
The seller can easily work at home
The 10th Document
It is relatively easy for the seller to do everything
just by sitting at home. Everything can be done
from organizing orders to actually shipping things
Advantages of using Taobao over any other service
user friendly interface
home-court advantages
free commission

Expectation of a successful future regardless of Yuebao issues

Changes from SOEs.

18th of April, 2014
Orders can be placed before having
the product physically in the shop
Customers are allowed to order the item before
the seller ships out the orders. This way it is
easier to control stocks of each product.
Easiest way to set
up your own business
It is the easiest to set up your
own business online. You
would not need a lot of money
to start a business running and
it is easy for anyone to do it.
Many shop owners are well
people who have another job
or students who regularly go
to school. The mobility makes
everything easier for sellers.
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