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How a 1:1 Classroom Can Transform Your Feedback

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Greg Redner

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of How a 1:1 Classroom Can Transform Your Feedback

A look at assessment/feedback past...
1:1 present us with new options!
Going to overview:

- The Magic of Google
- Class lists
- Email
- Shared folders

- Notability and Workflow
Google Lists
Now that all students have email addresses, make sure you have them on your list!
Google Shared Folders
How this can look for the instructor:
How a 1:1 Classroom Can
Transform Your Feedback

Mr. Greg Redner, Director of Bands
Waukesha North High School

Let's give you a chance to assess the performance of a concert band. Use the form below to assess the students individual performance:
Other options included:

1. Individual conference with the instructor while other "worked quietly"

2. Passing a couple of digital recorders around the classroom and listening to them later

3. Students purchasing Smart Music to record their playing

4. Google Voice voice mails of student performance.

Even then, how timely and meaningful could the feedback be?
More difficult than making an accurate assessment for these students was giving them meaningful feedback.
From this point you can organize them however you would like. You can see I have mine organized by class name.
Once you have your mail lists set up for each class, communication is much easier!
There is a limit to the number of people you can email: 500 at one time.
Instructions for how the student should create the folder:
Select create folder
Last name, first name - class (section)
This will make it much easier to sort!
Make sure to select, can edit
Take as much time as necessary to set this up, you will have to organize the shared folder when they come in. Specify not to send an email when they share...that is one I wish I had known first!
These folders will become the hub for handing in assignments. The benefit is that they can eliminate your physical paper and you can give immediate feedback!
I can use prior knowledge and new technology to develop my classroom feedback.
Class lists for each semester are already built in Zangle
The wonder of the SDW Intranet
Select your building, course and section
A contact file will be the result
In google contacts, select import contacts.
Select the folder and click the share button
Lets take a look at some examples of student work and feedback
Questions during the presentation? Join in our back channel chat here:

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