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Fazeela Rana

on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of marketin

S Look good, feel good and get more out of life Look in your kitchen, or on the bathroom shelf, And you're bound to see one of our well-known brands Founded by
in 1890 1900's: At the beginning of 20th century, supply of raw material started.

1920: With business expanding fast, founding companies merged, hence creating Unilever.

1960: Unilever start developing new products and entering new markets.

21st Century: The launch of Path to Growth
In 2004, its focus on the needs of 21st century-consumers with its Vitality mission. History Logo Lips Beauty, looking good and taste Hair Beauty Heart Love, care and health Clothes Fresh laundry Hand Sensitivity, care and need Ice Cream Treat, pleasure and enjoyment Bee Creation and hard work Bowl Ready meal, hot drink or soup Spoon Nutrition, tasting and cooking Tea Growing and farming U N I L E V E R Stars Brook bond supreme
Lipton green tea Sunsilk Shampoo
Ponds face wash
Knorr Supreme Question Marks Life buoy shampoo
Knorr make a meal
Ponds moisturising lotion
Rafhan ice-cream
Rafhan corn oil Cash Cows Blue Band Rafhan
Lipton Yellow Label Walls ice cream
Surf Excel
Fair & Lovely Dogs Energile
Rexona deoderant
Ponds cold cream
Ponds sunscreen lotion BCG Matrix A L' L S W Share Happy! Geographic Segmentation Wall’s Cornetto Company has segmented its market in three sections in Pakistan: North, Central region and South Demographic Segmentation Wall’s segments the market on basis of age and income Psychographic Segmentation The psychographic segmenting is done on the basis of the taste and health conscious consumer. Behavioral Segmentation The company divides a market based according to the consumer taste, knowledge, attitude, use and response to their products Wall's targets people from all income and age groups Adding vitality to life 150
times someone somewhere chooses a Unilever product A day Marketing Mix In Home Ranges Wall’s family tubs and Multipacks Out of Home Ranges Magnum, Cornetto and Feast Kids Range Rocket, Twister, Spin, and Moo Market Segmentation A day without Pleasure Is a day lost! United kingdom-originated Now working in Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon,
Malaysia, Maldives, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka,
United Arab Emirates and Vietnam Price Product Wall's captures
maximum market
by setting prices
neither too low
nor too high Placement Spot Point Dealer (SPD's) Promotion Share Happy! L U X Lux soap was first launched in the UK in 1899 as a flaked version of Sunlight soap. Subsequently it was launched in the US in 1916, and marketed as a laundry soap targeted specifically at 'delicates'. History Lux is currently a product of Unilever . The name "Lux" was chosen as the Latin word for "light "and because it was suggestive of "luxury.
 In Pakistan Lux was first introduced in 1957 and till now Lux has become one of the top soap in Pakistan. segments their market according to geographical areas. The population of the country is segmented into three parts which are urban, sub urban and rural area consumers. Inspiring every woman to feel irresistible and confident in her own skin every day urban and sub urban
upper middle and middle class people Segmentation Lux Targets Aqua Sparkle
Crystal Shine
Nature Pure
Peach & Cream
Strawberry & Cream
Peach and Cream
Strawberry and Cream handwash
Peach and Cream handwash Products Marketing Mix Price Its prices are almost equal to its competitor. Though Unilever Pakistan gives its LUX customers a lot in terms of the product itself, it cannot provide a better pricing. This is due to some constraints in the beauty soap industry.A change in price has a high risk of creating price war among the rivals which will eventually cause a loss of profit. Placement The company has six huge warehouses, one in each division of Pakistan. The company does not use its own fleet of transport for distributing its product. However, it has outsourced its distribution process to various third party distributors, exclusively dedicated to Unilever Pakistan Ltd. Promotion Unilever spends almost 20% to 25% of its Net Proceeds from Sales of LUX for promotional activities for LUX. LUX Annual Style Awards has made the product a part of the glamour world. Since 1930s, over 400 of the world’s most stunning and sensuous women have been proudly associated with Lux advertisements. Pakistani models including Reema Khan, Meera, Aaminah Haq, Babra sharif and various other leading models and actresses have been "Lux models" from time to time. They do not only promote LUX in Pakistan for the beauty conscious females, it also promotes the brand for males and the company proved that, by including world famous male celebrity Shaan and Shahrukh. S W O T S W O T S U N S I L K Sunsilk is a hair care brand primarily aimed at women and considered as the world's leading company in hair conditioning and the second largest in shampoo.
United Kingdom-originated by 1959 it was available in 18 different countries worldwide including America, Pakistan, India, Brazil, Argentina and Thailand Mission Statement Softness, shine and manageability of hair Segmentation Demographic segmentation
Sunsilk shampoo is basically a feminine brand.Sunsilk Shampoo are targeting female, starting from 16 to 40 years old. Geographic segmentation Geographic segmentation is dividing market into different geographic units include nations, states, counties or even neighborhoods. Sunsilk covers almost all the parts of Pakistan including rural and urban areas.
Psychographic Segmentation In psychological segmentation Unilever segments Sunsilk with social class as this product will target Middle class, upper class and lower class.
Behavioral Segmentation
Sunsilk keeps its good performance.Sunsilk targeted its market by creating an image of providing high quality products. Sunsilk was the number 1 brand with more than 34% market shares
Hair fall solution It works on the weak spot of your hair, so with the hair strand reinforced, your hair grows beautifully long even before you know it.
Anti dandruff Sunsilk Anti dandruff shampoo that drives out dandruff and restores the natural beauty of hair.
Sunsilk Black Shine nourishes from deep within to reveal blacker, shiner, silkier hair.
To increase the usage.
Conditioning benefits.
Makes the hair appear clean and shiny.
Imparts a feeling of freshness-due to fragrance.
Easy to manage, silky, soft hair.
Unique shampoo for every hair type.
Effectively communicate brand promise Advertising Objectives Marketing strategy Sponsored short films that were broadcast during popular television shows.
Media platforms used print media
Internet rural campaign environment concern ads
Music videos
Free sample distribution
Demo campaigning
Marketing Mix Product Price Black Shine Placement Sunsilk has 150 distributorswhose function is to sell to wholesalers directly.
behavior, income level, and purchasing power of people. For which quantity of the product can be changed according to the income and purchasing power of the consumers as in case of Sunsilk 120ml and 5ml packs are also available to target low income groups. Sunsilk its market on the basis of consumer buying targets To reach as many towns and villages as we can
Promotion S U R F E X C E L Introduced in 1959

Total market is 23 lac tons in volume

7 lac tons market is of laundry soaps & bars

16 lac tons market is of synthetic detergents

40% is detergent cakes

60% is of detergent powder Product Marketing Mix Price Daagh tou ache hote hain Placement Promotion Quantity Price in Rs
25 grams 5
50 grams 10
115 grams 20
500 grams 100
1 000 grams 195 List price of Surf Excel Unilever is focusing on the indirect marketing channels where they sell surf excel through retailers.Company
Channels Radio
Road display

Stains are good W O T SURF EXCEL target market includes
They position their product in the best of their customer satisfaction which also differentiate from their competitors.
They are creating environment for people to have a life easy chance.
Middle Class
Upper Middle Class
Upper Classes
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