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The Plural Society of Malaysia. Islam Hadhari Ethnic Relatio

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on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of The Plural Society of Malaysia. Islam Hadhari Ethnic Relatio

The Plural Society of Malaysia. Islam Hadhari Ethnic Relation

By : Nurul Ain

The Plural Society in Malaysia
Ethnic Composition of the Malaysian Population

The Malays
Indigenous Sabah

Concept of unity and integration
National unity
The uniting of various groups that have different social and cultural backgrounds, into one physical entity
To provide people a sense of belonging, inner ties and spiritual process
To give them a territorial, economic, political, educational, social and cultural purpose

Concept of plural society
Every group has its own religion, culture, language, thinking and way of life. A individuals, they mix, but only in the market place, in business.
There is a plural society consisting of groups of people who live side by side but separately, within one political unit. In fact, economically there is division of tasks according to race.

The Concept of Islam Hadhari
Was promoted and introduced by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
Literal meaning : From word “Salam” which means peace, submission, approval and acceptance of Allah.
Technical meaning : Islam is a religion that stands for the complete submission and obedience to Allah in order to achieve real peace of body and mind. (Surah Al-Baqarah : 136)
Hadhari comes from the word “Hadhari or Madani” which means township, city, urban, modern and contemporary. Also comes from the word “Hadhaari or Hadhariyah” that means civilization, that is the civilization that follows the teaching of Islam.
- Islam Hadhari or Civilizational Islam
is a theory of government that based on the principles of Islam as derived from the Quran.
- It demands its followers to be the best example of mankind to other Muslim and also to the Non Muslim.
- It is not a new religion, not a new teaching nor it is a new madhhab (school of jurisprudence)
- It is also an effort to bring the ummah back to basics and the fundamentals.
- It consists of 10 concepts in to be
practised in the real life.

10 Concepts of Islam Hadhari
1.Faith & piety in Allah
2.Just & trustworthy government
3.Mastery of knowledge
4.free & independent people
5.Balanced & comprehensive development
6.Good quality of life
7protections of the rights of the minority groups and women
8.cultural & moral integrity
9.protection of environment
10. strong defense
Objective of Islam Hadhari
Islam Hadhari’s objectives are to restore civilization, excellence and achievements of Islam as before which is continuity into the present change of time and environment.
Characteristics of Islam Hadhari
These Principles is important
acceptable to non-Muslim population
guide us with our consistent and continuing record of improving governance for the people, and by practicing and observing a high commitment to public accountability.
Islam Hadhari in A Multi-Racial Society
build upon the tolerance
non-Muslim communities are comfortable with the assurances
bring together humanitarian attitudes
Each respects the diversities that exist and accepts Malaysia as Islam country
non-Muslim communities have their responsibilities
The confidence of non-Muslim communities in Abdullah has grown stronger
Islam does not differentiate between Muslims and non-Muslims in ensuring justice.

Islam Hadhari from the Non Muslim Perspective

- The Non Muslim also has a role to play in the concept of Islam Hadhari.
- All the principles under Islam Hadhari concept are not only to be followed by Muslims but by all the communities because these principles is focusing on role and responsibilities to ensure the future generation would preserve the noble relationship of the various ethic groups in Malaysia.

- Islam Hadhari concept should be accepted by the non muslim because this concept focus on a just and trustworthy government, protection of the right of minority groups and women, and working together with the non muslims.
- The freedom to practice one’s religion allows each community to act in consonant with their beliefs and tradition in their daily life. This shows that the assimilation Islamic values are not an obstacle to the practices of their religion culture and customs.
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