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Pollution and Degradation of the Lithosphere

Soil depletion and contamination

Chelsea L

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Pollution and Degradation of the Lithosphere

The Lithosphere
Pollution and Degradation
Effects of Farming
Acid Rain
Their Fix?
Excessive Use of Pesticides
Continual Crop Rotation
Soil Depletion
Soil Compaction
How Does This Happen?
Soil Depletion
Definition: loss of soil fertility
- World population increasing
- Need more food

Led to: heavy farming machines
- side effect of this machinery

This leads to:
- Soil lacking oxygen
& nutrients
- Rain run off
No time for the soil
to regrow
Extra fertilizer
- kill micro-organisms, insects etc
- reduce soil balance
- decrease biodiversity
Definition: abnormal presence of a
harmful substance in an environment
Leaks from gas-stations
Leak water from landfills
Mining waste
- sulphuric acid and nitric acid
mixed in with the rain water


- acidified soil can't keep plant nutrients
- kills micro-organisms
- slows plant growth
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