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Jean Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center

No description

Cesar Rodriguez

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Jean Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center

Over 7 years of delicate refining lead the Renzo Piano Building Workshop to a new architectural sensitivity A New Vernacular The architecture isn't mimicry It's an interpretation Culture the cornerstone Culture in form Kanak tradition The interpretation The distillation Programing in response to culture The cases are placed along an axis with respect to traditional arrangements The Chief
(administration center) Climatic response and culture The Center is organized into a series
of 'cases' and support spaces Each is individual in scale and
programmatic elements Asia Pacific region New Caledonia Tinu Peninsula The Jean Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center ` Culture unconsciously responds to climate Layers of skin are key A delicate balance was essential between interpreting culture and altering it The result is a skin assembly which not only functions in response to climate Climate an active response towards an active climate but actually works with it prevailing winds solar orientation + = a skin of varying densities which responds directly to sun and wind The varying densities of shading elements continues beyond the cases and into support spaces a double skinned roof allows for natural ventilation and minimal solar gain minimizing glare by specific curvature wind and sun working together to moderate the environment of a space Controlling climate exploiting natural systems with mechanical ones Wind conditions are constantly being monitored by a series of sensors around each case. while also considering humidity and solar factors... the computer makes a decision on weather to open or close ventilation paths in each case Structure Bringing the project together physically and symbolically Tension maintains the form the massive laminated wood members are grounded through a steel pin connection mechanism New Vernacular like the huts of the Kanak peoples, the cases are built with a series of layers Kanak culture influenced formal genesis The refinement for example Vegetation plays a key roll in the path The kanak see it as something that should always be changing organically new natural paths are formed yearly by members of the community Jo Joe DeBenny Cesar Rodriguez Erica Blank Erica Blank Edgar Parra Carlos Flores Dillon Mariano Nikota Litzin Arc 301
Paul Weiner
Precedent Study fin!
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