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We All Fall Down- Book Talk

No description

Pedro Lawley

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of We All Fall Down- Book Talk

We All Fall Down
We All Fall Down is a book about the tragedy of 9/11. Even though Will isn't looking forward to go to his father's work for take your child to work day, he experienced a very interesting surprise...

By: Eric Walters
Will (grade 9 student)
John Fuller (Will's dad and VP at the World Trade Center)
James (Will's best friend)
Ting (a Chinese woman found in the World Trade Center)

We All Fall Down is a book based on 9/11. The protagonist in the story is Will, a ninth grade student,who goes to work with his father at The World Trade Center, for take your child to work day. The attack on the South World Trade Center by the Islamic terrorist occurs while they are on the 85th floor in the North World Trade Center. Will and his father head down while everyone heads up. Just as they thought they were through the worst of it, they hear a call for help. On the 74th floor they find a little Chinese woman named Ting trapped underneath a filing cabinet. She is seriously injured and unable to walk, so Will and his father took turns carrying her down 74 flights of stairs on their backs. Struggling their way down, they use techniques and methods to stay alive. All the firefighters, police and ambulances were called to this emergency and one of the fireman's was Will's best friend James' father. Will reaches the lobby first and his father and Ting are still in the building when...

Quotes From the Book

"tomorrow might be an experience that changes your life"says Will's teacher. I think that this sentence is a very important part in the book because tomorrow could be a life changing event and far from being an ordinary day. This applies to Will because he experienced a life changing situation. His experience with the two plane crashes (9/11) is a big change in his life. You never know what tomorrow will bring you.
The second plane hit and the building collapses.

The book We All Fall Down reminded me of many different books and movies. One of the movies that reminded me of this book was Titanic because Will looked out the window after the first plane crashed and saw two figures jumping hand in hand off the window of the South Trade Center. This relates to Titanic because when the boat was sinking, all the people had no choice but to jump off. Another connection I made was when Will woke up with all the injuries and his lungs were clogged because of smoke inhalation. This reminds me of a War when the soldiers survive but have many injuries. Lastly, this book reminds me of another book called Americas "War on Terrorism" by Michael Chossudovsky.

I would recommend the book We All Fall Down to everyone. This is because We All Fall Down is based on a true occurrence. I recommend this to everyone because we all need to be informed of this tragic incident. It is very sad to see that many people died during the crashes and we all need to be thankful for what we have because anything can happen anywhere anytime.
By: Julia Micic
About the Author:
Eric Walters is a Canadian author that has written 92 books and has won over 100 awards, including 11 separate children's choice awards. He is the only 3 time winner of both the Ontario Library Association Silver Birch and Red Maple Awards.
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