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New Delhi

Urbanisation of New Delhi, India

Dan Evans

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of New Delhi

New Delhi,
1991= 9.42m
2001= 13.78m
New Delhi Population In Millions
New Delhi:
New York:
Population Density:

7th most densely populated city in the world
29,115 People
5,206 People
With so many vehicles in New Delhi...
The air quality is becoming very hazardous
Waste Disposal
Waste will have exceeded landfill capacity by 2020.
An extra 28km2 of landfills will be needed to cope with demand.
85% of households don't have a rubbish pick-up system.
Quality of Life
A large proportion of sewage flows into the Yamuna River.
Poor New Delhi
18.7% of people live in slums.
The average income per capita is $2300 USD.
52% live without basic services like water, electricity, sewage systems or proper housing.
Rich New Delhi
In 2010, a terminal 3 was opened at the Gandhi International Airport.
It cost $3 billion USD to build.
Airport can now handle an extra 34 million passengers per year.
Water Supply:
Supply is at 650 million gallons per day.
Demand is at over 960 million gallons per day.
The shortfall is met by water pumps.
Residents often suffer a water shortage.
With 9.3% of all abductions, New Delhi has the highest proportion across India.
New Delhi has 16.2% of all crime throughout India, which is the highest amount.
New Delhi
Jan 2013:
403 micrograms/m
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