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Jenna S

on 2 March 2010

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Transcript of Poland

Polish Poland education
Free education until the age of 18.
Following 9 years of basic education students choose either a 3 year high school or a 2 year vacational school. A university degree takes 5 or 6 years to complete. 2/3 of Dental and Medical students are women. rites of passage Baptism and First Communion are important
marked with elaborate family gatherings.
population 38,518,241 marriage patterns Women- age 18-20
Men- age 21
However most dont marry until
age 25 when they have completed
their technical or university education. symbols/gestures Pointing is not inpolite
Hold both thumbs in closed fists to wish others good luck
Blinking with both eyes signify romantic interest
holidays values daily life food entertainment and sports With the beauty of Poland, the main sports are
Track and Field
Theres also polka dances and festivals Pierogi
Golabki:(Stuffed Cabbage
Krokiet: deep-fried pieces of potatoes, rice or meat stuffed with spinach, cheese)
Kaczka na jabłkach: baked duck in apple
Kotlet schabowy: breaded pork cutlet
Kłopsiki: meatloaf stuffed with eggs
Zrazy: filling of bacon, breadcrumbs, mushrooms
and cucumber is rolled inside a seasoned slice
of sirloin beef then fried or grilled The two main national holidays are the anniversary of the restoration of independence in 1918, celebrated on November 11, and the anniversary of the passing of Poland's first Constitution on May 3, 1791. These are official holidays with ceremonies, marches, concerts and other festivities. Christmas is one of the most common to other cultures but its the most important in poland. On December 6 children recieve small gifts from St. Nick. Christmas Eve when the 1st star is sighted the family gathers for a 12 course meatless meal. Theres Folk Art Fairs in Krakow throughout the year. Mostly Catholic and believe in God.
Family is the most important social unit.
Women comprise nearly half of the labor force.
Most live in apartments that they pass down to subsequent generations.
The Poles speak a Slavic language and have a special fondness for English.
Poland is changing fast and adapting rapidly to the European Union.
A day and night in Poland is spent eating lots of food, riding bikes, watching movies
and listening to music and walking around everywhere.
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