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4.1.5: Career in Protein Production

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Ciara Miller

on 10 June 2016

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Transcript of 4.1.5: Career in Protein Production

The goal of Transformation is to successfully obtain the recombinant DNA plasmid so that it can produce the protein of interest. This is done by forcing bacterial cells to take up the new DNA by growing it on an LB plate. The end result of the transformation process is new cell growth with new protein. The transformation efficiency can be calculated after the results are collected.
Protein Purification
The goal of protein purification is to collect proteins with high hydrophobic levels. Protein purification occurs through a process called Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC). The three steps to HIC are:
1) Bind-(High NaCl)hydrophobic sticks, hydrophilic rinses
2) Wash-(Low NaCl) removes all proteins with low hydrophobicity
3) Elute-(no NaCl) any remaining proteins are removed
The end result of the HIC process is polypeptide strands interact to complete protein strands.
Making Recombinant DNA Plasmid
The goal is to isolate bacterial plasmid, cut the plasmid using restriction enzymes and insert gene, and ligase, or stick, the plasmid close. This is achieved through a process called Horizontal Gene Transformation (HGT). HGT is used in order to make multiple copies of recombinant DNA. Therefore, the end result should be a culture of new DNA plasmid.
Protein Electrophoresis
The goal of protein electrophoresis is to examine the protein lengths to the known length of the target protein used. The process used during protein electrophoresis is called SDS-PAGE. The purpose of SDS-PAGE is to separate and denature proteins using sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) and polyacrylamide gel (PAGE). The end result is negatively charged protein toward the end of the gel in order to be analyzed.
Sales and Marketing
The goal of sales and marketing is to effectively sell a product. In this case, in order to sell medical interventions one must advertise their product and list all important information that clients may need to know before they buy the product. The end result could be an increase in sales of a certain product.
Career in Protein Production

The goal of DNA isolation is to find the target sequence that will be used for the duration of the experiment. Human DNA is extracted from a cell and a gene is isolated/ amplified through a process called PCR amplification. The end result should be the specific gene of interest.
Lab Technician
: Lab technicians manage and maintain all the lab equipment needed to complete the experiments.

Purification Technician
: These technicians run the gels and analyze results.

Marketing Agent
: creates ads to effectively sell medical intervention.

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