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The life cycle of an owl

No description

Melanie Hybinett

on 20 September 2014

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Transcript of The life cycle of an owl

The life cycle of an owl
By Jack Lenihan
All owls lay eggs
Female owls will sit on their eggs for 30-32 days.
Owl eggs will hatch in the order that they were laid, sometimes 2-3 days apart.
Growing feathers
first weeks
Learning to fly
Owl camouflage
When owls are first hatched they have hardly any feathers. Soon they develop fluffy soft feathers called down, all over their bodies.
The baby owls can't catch their own food. The dad owl catches small animals
and the mum owl will rip it up into small pieces for chicks to eat.
Between 1-2 months owl chicks will lose their down, grow their adult feathers and learn to fly.
The colour of the owls feathers depends on where the owl lives. It helps the owl to blend in with its environment.
Hunting for Survival
Breeding and nesting
old Age
As the owl grows it need to
learn to hunt for its own food.
Owls are amazing hunters they can fly without making any noise.
They have great hearing and have really large eyes that can help
them to see in the dark.
Male and female owls breed at particular times of the year. The female owl will build her nest in different places depending on the species of owl. The female will
lay an egg every 1-2 days for
up to 3 weeks.
Owls can live for up to 25 years depending on their species
Bloopers and outtakes
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