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Ralph Trappe

on 15 August 2015

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Transcript of Engineering

Ralph Trappe

Civil Engineering
Innovations Within the Profession
Innovation in civil engineering is very critical. In order to build bridges, roads and buildings based on risky terrains, civil engineers, must always be innovative.

A great example of a current innovation in Civil Engineering is the Palm Island in Dubai. In order for engineers too accomplish building massive structures on sand, they had to be innovative.
There are also other structures
Ralph Trappe
20005/63 Blamey St.

Career Objectives

Civil Engineering
Structural Engineering
Key Professional Skill


2008 - 2009 Lae Secondary School, Lae, Papua New Guinea
2010 - 2012 Student, Concordia Lutheran CollegeToowoomba
2013 Griffith University ( Bachelor of Engineering)
2014 QUT foundation ( currently)

Nov - Dec 2010 Traisa Transport. (cleaner, 48 hrs/week)

Key Accompliments

Developed better working relationship skills
developed skill to avoid hazards in workplace


2011 - 2012 Australian Red Cross Blood Service Toowoomba/Blood Donar


Video Game
Rugby League/ Union
4WD Offroad


Mup Mapita
Workshop Manger
Phone: +675 472 3107
Mobile: +675 7224 2996
Why I chose this Career Path?
Civil engineers are the designers and builders
of cities, transportation.They design and supervise construction of buildings, highways, bridges, foundations.

Why I choose to become a civil engineer is because; Civil engineering is a rewarding, hands-on, people-oriented profession. Civil engineers have a positive impact on the quality of people’s lives. They improve the quality of life for millions and the environment that surrounds them people drive on the highways they design, live and work in the buildings and structures they design.
History of Civil Engineers: A Brief overview
Civil engineering is the oldest of the main disciplines of engineering. The early practice of civil engineering commenced around 2000 to 5000 BC in the Middle East when humans started to avoid the nomadic lifestyle. (
civil engineering, 2014)
Achievements of the profession
Civil Engineering
Thank you!
Civil Engineers has created most man-made marvel Throughout time. Some of their creations has lasted for century's; such as the Great Wall of China and Pyramid of
A recent Civil Engineering marvel is the Millay Viaduct. its the world’s tallest cable-stayed road bridge has towers that are almost as tall as the Empire State Building and are 1,125 feet tall.
Career Prospect
My Career Prospect are;
Structural Engineering
Hydro Engineer

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Innovation Awards Paris 2011-Civil Engineering. (2011).
Famouswonders,. (2006). Great Wall of China. Retrieved from https://www.flickr.com/photos/beggs/2561674059/
A person who designs buildings or other large structures.
a presentation of a result of a process
A horizontal structural member designed to resist loads which bend it.
The set of plans from which a structure will be built.
A natural or man-made water pathway.

An instrument for drawing arcs and circles.
Any materials that permits the flow of electricity
The person, firm, partnership or corporation, who have entered into contract with a client.
Lifting device which can be fixed or mobile.
To plan, create, or devise.

are where digging has been done and in progress
process in creating something
The supporting part of a structure below the first floor construction.
Basic installations, such as roads, railways, or factories.
the work of keeping something in a proper conditions
The products that are used to build infrastructures.
Plan view:
Drawing of a structure with the view from overhead, looking down
Things needed to get a job done.

is the act of solving a problem.
The type of land on which the chosen structure will be placed.
a device controlling the flow of gas
John Smeaton was the
first person
to actually call himself a
"Civil Engineer"
. These civil engineers built all types of structures, designed water-supply and sewer systems, designed railroads and highways, and planned cities. In 1828 the world's first engineering society came into being, the Institution of Civil Engineers in England.
civil engineering, 2014)
(wikimedia, 2014).
(wikimedia, 2014).
(wikimedia, 2014)
Civil Engineers have also accomplished other marvels, such as; Palm Islands in Dubai, Golden Gate Bridge, Hoover Dam and many more countless...
Other Innovation
Each year, a jury of renowned international experts chooses the best composite innovations, based on their technical interest, market potential, partnership, financial impact and originality.

In year 2011 the Acciona Infraestructure won the JEC Innovation awards for and ingenious design of a Bridge beam, a single piece which was;
40 meter long
weigh 25t
no joints or assembly are required
and doesnt need painting
(Innovation Awards Paris 2011-Civil Engineering, 2011)
(Innovation Awards Paris 2011-Civil Engineering, 2011)
(Famouswonders, 2006)
Link to my Faculty

John Smeaton
(wikimedia, 2014)
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