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Mary Mallon

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Mary Mallon

Because of how serious typhoid fever is, George Soper began investigating to find out what was causing these typhoid outbreaks.
During his investigation, he found that all the places where there were outbreaks, Mary happened to be working at the restaurants.
George Soper concluded that Mary was the one spreading this sickness. So he had to find her and get DNA samples so he could confirm it.
Mary Mallon began working, but many people would get typhoid fever when they came to the restaurants she cooked at, so she got fired a lot.
Mary Mallon
By. Katie allen and emma carter

Mary Mallon was Born on September 23, 1869 in Ireland. She emigrated to America when she was 15. She found a job as a servant and later found she had talent to cook. She then went and found a job at a restaurant.
After chasing her down with law enforcment, Soper was finally able to get a sample.
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