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Welcome to the southern colonies

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chloe jensen

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Welcome to the southern colonies

By Chloe Jensen Welcome to the Southern Colonies The Southern Colonies The Settlers of the Southern Colonies Important Cities What did they produce? Daily Life How many people lived in the Southern Colonies in 1790? Come and live in the Southern Colonies! You wont regret it! The Southern Colonies have a lot of interesting history. The Southern Colony states became states in:
Georgia - Georgia became a state in 1778.
Maryland - Maryland became a state in 1788
North Carolina - North Carolina became a state in 1789
Virginia - Virginia became a state in 1778
South Carolina - South Carolina became a state in 1788 Want to know more about the wonderful Southern
colonies? Well your in luck! The Southern Colonies
states were settled by:
Virginia - Virginia was settled by England.
North Carolina - North Carolina was settled by France.
South Carolina - South Carolina was settled by Spain.
Maryland - Maryland was settled by England.
Georgia - Georgia was settled by England. The states in the wonderful Southern Colonies have
very important cities. Some of these cities include:
Georgia: A major city in Georgia is Savannah.
North Carolina: A major city in North Carolina is Raleigh.
South Carolina: A major city in South Carolina is Charleston.
Maryland: A major city in Maryland is Baltimore.
Virginia: A major city in Virginia is Jamestown. If you had lived a long time ago in the amazing
Southern Colonies, your life would be very different
than it is now. Back then, women wore petticoats and cotton dresses. Men wore breeches, a shirt, a hat, and boots.
People often had animals, hunted, and fished. Children were taught manners, reading, and writing. The Southern Colonies produced many things. some of these things were vegetables, timber, rice, tobacco, and a little bit of fish. How was it settled? When The Southern Colonies were settled there were some wars. Leaders Some of the leaders of the Southern Colonies were
George Calvert, John Smith, and Roger Williams. In 1790, the population of the Southern Colonies was over 100,000. Original Natives The original natives to the Southern colonies were indians. These indians were the Powhatan indians. The people that settled in the Southern
Colonies left there home for freedom. Where did people from the Southern Colonies
Come from? The people from the Southern colonies came from England and Ireland. I hope you enjoyed learning about the Southern Colonies! This is a picture
of the Southern
Colonies. Sources The sources I used are encyclopedia.com, answers.com,
ask.com, goldridge.com,
and google.com. Location The location of the Southern Colonies is in the southern
part of the 13 colonies.
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