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Tom Brady

No description

Matthew Di

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Tom Brady

Matthew Dias
March 5, 2014

Tom Brady is a very successful NFL quarterback on the New England Patriots. He was a very late pick in the draft at one hundred ninety-ninth overall, but he turned out to be a great one. He was in the NFL super bowl three times in his first four years as a pro, and he won MVP of the game in two of them. He also went 16-0 in 2007 to set multiple records. Tom Brady is a phenomenal football player and it was a great move by the New England Patriots to pick him.
Who is Tom Brady?
Patriots Go 16-0
In the 2007 NFL regular season, the Patriots were definitely the team to beat. With Tom Brady leading the pack, the Patriots set many records, being the only team in NFL history to go 16-0 in the regular season. They ended up losing in the playoffs, but the Patriots, especially Tom Brady, had a phenomenal season and did amazing in the 2007 regular season.
Brady goes to Michigan
In Tom Bradys first year as a wolverine at Michigan in college, in 1997, Tom Brady won the the national championship as backup for Brian Griese. After Griese went to the NFL, Tom Brady was the starting quarterback. Brady played great with Michigan, but the fans didn't like Brady. It was tough for him in Michigan, But he played very well.
Becoming a Professional
Tom Brady got many boos at Michigan, and he was not expecting to hear the fans in New England yelling things like "Get Brady out there!". He was picked in the sixth round in the draft in 2000, and he become the starter almost right off the bat in his second season, when Drew Bledsoe got an injury. Brady went on and won the super bowl game as a rookie, To begin his amazing career.
Tom Brady has a mom, dad, three sisters, a wife, and two sons. His mom is named Galynn, his dad is named Tom Sr., his three sisters are named Maureen, Nancy, and Julie, his wife is named Gisele, and his two sons names are John and Benjamin.
Tom Brady
August 3, 1977
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