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maximum awesome

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Saturn


My topic, why I chose it, and what I know about it
The research
We have known Saturn for a very long time. We don't know when Saturn was discovered. We do know that Saturn was discovered by the Greeks, Romans, and Hinshu. Galileo was the "first" to discover Saturn's rings. Galileo had a book on Saturn's appearance, and what other astronomers thought.
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My reflection
During this project i had many feelings. I felt frustrated when I couldn't find what I wanted most of the time. An example of this is when was searching for new theories, there wasn't much info that i didn't already know. Also I had trouble deciding on a topic because most topics didn't right to me. When I chose Saturn it was an Ah-Ha moment because i love space and science.
When i completed the research portion it was another Ah-Ha. I was excited when I found a website I had used in my work. It was the last source I had used but forgot to record.
The way my teacher planned the Isearch helped me a lot because I'm not a very good organizer. I knew I couldn't do it without someone helping me out.
I can't wait to show this to my mom because I know my mom will be proud that i did this with my grandma and my teachers help. This project has inspired me to want to explore Saturn's ocean one day.
(Below)Saturn's moon, Titan
(Bottom right) Thunder from
Saturn. (Bottom left) Clouds from Saturn.

(Above) Saturn's rings.
(Above) Galileo, the first person to discover the rings of Saturn.
(Above) Shows that Saturn is 6th in the solar system.
What Saturn is made of

What I want to know
Saturn has a rocky core. Saturn has a rocky core,
and around it is helium, and hydrogen. Saturn formed
a rocky core when remaining pieces all came
together. Solar wind swept all the gases away from
the center of the solar system. The solar winds
didn't blow the gases away from the far end of
the solar system. So those gases came
together to make the planet known
today as Saturn.
Location of Saturn
Saturn is very far away from Earth. The
distance between us and Saturn is 773,000,000 miles. The distance between the sun and Saturn is 886,000,000 miles at their average. The distance between Mercury and Saturn is 855,000,000 miles at their closest. Saturn is the sixth planet in the solar system. Even though Saturn is very far, we can still study it.
Saturn's rings
Saturn's rings are made of ice. Saturn's rings may look like rings but are actually made of ice boulders. The ring on the inside is made of small boulders. The rings get their look by reflecting the sunlight. The rings are named, going inward, A through G. The Cassini Divsion, which is in between the inner A ring, and the outside B ring, is 3,000 miles wide. One of Saturn's rings are made of ice from Enclaudus's
fountains. It is weird that Saturn's
rings are made of ice.
Titan is very cool moon. Titan is the only other place that we know has oceans and lakes, but there are filled with methane, a chemical. Some of the methane is frozen rock solid because of very low temperature. Due to very low gravity and a very thick atmosphere the rain, which is methane, is shaped like marbles and drifts gently to the ground. The rainstorms are huge on Titan.The sky is filled with dense orange smog. Titan is my favorite moon.
Enclaudus is the brightest moon going around Saturn. Enclaudus is the sixth largest moon orbiting Saturn. The diameter of Enclaudus is 300 miles. Gravity on Enclaudus is so weak that you will weigh less than a pineapple. If you took a snowmobile trip around Enclaudus it would only take 24 hours. In 2005 we discovered huge eruptions of ice in valleys, also known as tiger stripes, on the surface that are fed by a salty ocean near the south pole. Enclaudus is truly my most interesting subject about Saturn.
New theories about Saturn and it's moons
People have many theories about Saturn. Some people think that a moon smashed into Saturn and the remnants of it are Saturn's rings today. Others believe that a comet or asteroid smashed into one of Saturn's former moons and made Saturn's rings. Some people say that small asteroids get trapped in Saturn's orbit and eventually get stuck in one of Saturn's rings. In Saturn's rings astronomers think that a moon is forming out of ice, because they found pictures of a fairly large ice boulder. They call it Peggy.

I chose this topic because it is very interesting. I also chose it because there is a lot to know about it. I was interested in it because it had to do with science and space.
Saturn's rings are made of frozen rocks. Another fact about it is that it is a Gas Giant, which is a giant ball of gas surrounding a rocky core. The last thing I know about it is that there are very high surface winds.
I want to know more about the rings and when they were discovered. I also want to learn if there is life on life on Saturn, but I know technology isn't up to that point. The last thing I want to know is who discovered the rings.
WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SUN IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE!!!!!!WHAT THE
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