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African Land Snail

No description

Joshua Rivera

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of African Land Snail

African Land Snail
The Giant African Land Snail thrives in forested areas or where vegetation is abundant. Originally from Africa it has been introduced into Asia and islands in the Pacific and the Caribbean (and have inhabited southern Florida). Making them an invasive species.
The Giant African Land Snail eats most plants and will occasionally eat concrete or rocks.These snails are very capable of laying waste to gardens, crops, and wild flowers. They are also infamous for eating stucco which is a material commonly used in construction.
The Giant African Land snail is a Primary Consumer since it only eats plants putting them in the second trophic level. They normally eat leaves in humid forests. Their natural predators are birds, bobcats and for those with strong stomachs (humans).
The Giant African Land Snail can easily populate an area since it can produce 200 eggs by itself (it is very capable of asexually reproducing). They are active at night and are safely burrowed in the day. Illegal to have as a pet.
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By: Joshua Rivera
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