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Immigration Canada

No description

Durr-e Adan

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Immigration Canada

Immigration Canada
What has been the impact, both positive and negative, of those changes on your group?
How can we deal with or make the most of the changes that have taken place?
With the changes that have taken place, we can make a place that is not busy at all, and make that a big residential place for all the new people who come to Canada. If we make buildings in a place that is busy, it will become more busy, and it might take hours to go and come back from a nearby store, all due to the new people and the rush of cars and people. Also, we can make the most of skilled workers that come to Canada. All the skilled workers can come together and make a product, that will make Canada known around the world, for that amazing product.
What other changes could be made to assist your group?
Other changes that could be made to help immigration are that until the government finds a good residential place to build a group of huge buildings, they should limit the number of immigrants. They should also mostly choose skilled workers to bring to Canada, and put up posters in the Asian countries, that "If you are skilled in any type of job, just send us a letter, and come to Canada. You will live a beautiful and peaceful life here, the type that you would always dream." This is the change that will help immigration benefit Canada, and the life in Canada.
How has this impacted the canada we have today?
Canada is now a multicultural country, and again, is known around the world. This has also impacted Canada's population, the population is growing rapidly and Canada is in the top 40 countries by population, and growing. Today, Canada is known to accept all kinds of people, not discriminating anybody due to their religion or race. Due to this, everyone comes to Canada from their home countries where they do not live a proper life in the hope that coming to this country will change their life.
What major changes have taken place since confederation(1867)?
The 20th century opened with the arrival of nearly 42,000 immigrants in 1900. Numbers quickly increased to a record high of over 400,000 in 1913. Canada’s economy was growing rapidly during these years, and immigrants were drawn by the promise of good job prospects. The building of the transcontinental railway, the settlement of the prairies and expanding industrial production intensified demand for labor. Aggressive recruitment campaigns by the Canadian government to boost immigration and attract workers also increased arrivals: between 1900 and 1914, more than 2.9 million people entered Canada, nearly four times as many as had arrived in the previous 14-year period.
The positive impact is the rapidly increasing number in population because Canada wanted immigrants to come, since Canada needed skilled workers. Also, now Canada is known around the world, since it is a rapidly growing country.

The negative impact is that the increasing number is still increasing, and there might not be enough place for new people to live. Wherever you mostly go, you see buildings in construction, for the new people. This will make Canada really busy, and people might want to move to somewhere out of the country. Also, there won't be enough nature to give out oxygen and nature makes places beautiful.

There have been more changes to Canada’s immigration policy in the last several months than in the entire history of the nation, since Confederation(1876). Some of those changes are already in effect and are sure to have an affect on the country, including a significant shift in its demographics. In fact, the Statistics Canada states that, by 2031, the number of people belonging to ethnocultural groups will double and make up the majority of the population in Toronto and Vancouver and may not become a reality, after all. The predictions were made based on the important fact that for more than two decades Canadian immigration has come mainly from Asian countries and the anticipation that this trend will continue.
One of the Negative effects are settlement because when an immigrant comes to Canada there are some costs associated with getting them settled. Immigrants may need English or French lessons or help navigating the Canadian system, finding schools for their children and beginning a job search. The federal government spends $883-million per year on those services, and each province contributes its own, smaller share in. Another negative is the unemployment many people are coming to Canada for better life and there are not enough jobs left so many people are unemployed which affects their families.
Positive Effects
Negative Effects
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