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Dit is een eerste test

Ralph Langendam

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Test

Group Theory in a nutshell Group theory is the study of symmetry at an abstract algebraic level. A4 Group theory The definition of a group A group is a pair consisting of a set and a binary operation associating to every pair of objects in the group, a new object of the group. For the uniqueness of inverses we again observe that if we have two, say inverses of then This justifies the notation for the inverse of Futhermore, the following conditions should be satisfied: Associativity Existence of identity Existence of inverses The ordering of braces doesn't alter the answer: There exists an element under which the binary operation is stable: Every element has an inverse: For the uniqueness of the identity we observe that assuming we've got two of them, say
by the left- and right-identity property of both.
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