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Cole Korchek

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

Cross The Boy in the
Stripped Pajamas By: John Boyne Important People Education Religion & Belief Adolf Hitler- dictator of Germany Children had to learn to ration food,
wear gas masks, and live with strangers Christianity People near the war zone were packed
into bomb shelters Auschwitz Years? During World War II Historical
Significance Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany Germany Issues the Anti-Jewish Laws Money was scarce because of the Great Depression Joseph Stalin- dictator of Russia Franklin D. Roosevelt- President of the U.S. Setting Winston Churchill- prime minister
of Britain Father Strict
Conceving Children were evacuated at school at the start of
World War 2 Children in Germany were taught to say
"Hail Hitler" Housing Those who were too late either fled or hid in
their basements for their lifes Mean
Round Father made his family move to the middle of nowhere for a
Raise. He works for Hitler and their house is surronded by
barbed wire fence with
a concentration camp
on the other side. He
doesn't care for
anyone but
himself. Judaism Cross Star of David Church Temple Bible Torah Priest Rabbi Easter, Christmas, Lent Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashana, Hannukah, Passover Life Lessons Priest If you listen to your parents your life will be
much easier and you won't have so many losses.
If you don't want anything you can't be mad
when you don't get it. Star of David 1939- 1945 Past/Present/Future This book has to do with Hitler and the
nazis. I do not think it could take place today because the advances in technology
and the knowledge we have are too great.
We know the tragedys of the holacost and
how it has scared people. The world would
team up and kill people who try to
do it again. Clothing CK KN CK KN KN Germans during WW2 never wore jeans and tee shirts. T-shirts were worn as undershirts. Wearing them as everyday clothing was unheard of in Germany. Sneakers were never worn as casually as they are today. Runners were used on the sports fields/gyms only. Leather shoes were the norm. Some areas still wore the traditional Trachten which was leather short pants with leather suspenders, white shirt and a hat with a bristle bush. Long pants with shirt and jacket was worn otherwise. It was rare for a woman to wear slacks in public. This was frowned upon. Nazis had a very strict view of women's role and it was not particularily advanced. In some areas women still wore the Dirndl which was a a loose blouse, with a skirt and apron. Normally they wore a dress or skirt with blouse. The skirt was hemmed below the knee. Sturdy leather shoes would also be worn. Again, women did not wear sneakers in public. Children did not wear the same type of clothing as those in the US. There was a distinct difference in styles. Some wore uniforms to school (Hitler Youth) but normally they wore what their parents chose for them, long woolen pants and white shirts or short pants and white shirt. Girls would be in dresses or skirts. Girls didn't wear jeans or sneakers, this would never have been allowed because it would be seen as too informal and inappropriate. Society was much more formal than it is today. German uniforms were varied. Depending upon what service the soldier was in and the season. KN BRUNO fictional
9 years old
flat because we know his personality and physical traits
curious ,naive ,adventurous, outgoing, and understanding
He loves exploring and explores everyday which shows he is adventurous and outgoing
Bruno loves to hear Shmuel's life story and help him find his dad
The setting affects Bruno entirely because he moved from a five story house with a neighborhood full of kids and with a view of Berlin to a three story house with a view of people getting killed, no neighbors and a high barbed wire fence separating them. There are tons a kids in the new house, but they are all on they other side of the fence.
Shmuel motivates Bruno becuase he now has a companion and a friend
The historical period affects Bruno becuse his dad is a Commandant right below Adolf Hitler. He moves to the new house becuase it is located on the other side of a concentration camp, so his father's work will be easier.
Bruno learns that he doesn't have to live the life he has and constantly move around houses, so he eventually goes under the fence and is never seen again. Bruno's Golden Lines Gretel hits me sometimes," said Bruno. "She's my sister," he added. And a Hopeless Case." pg. 129 That quote is very repetitive throughout the story especially the part of her being a Hopeless Case. Bruno has to deal with all of her friends and her annoyance and rudeness. This shows his feelings toward his sister. "I''m sure the (soldiers) don't hate you," he (Bruno) said.
This describes how Bruno doesn't know what goes on that side of the fence and doesn't understand the situation over there. The author chose to write about this specific historical setting becuase she wanted to inform the reader of the world's history and how it can't happen in this age. Why did the author write this book? CK CK KN Does this story make sense? Yes, because if I had to constantly move and be controled by my father who makes me figure out the truth about him, instead of him telling me, I would make the choices Bruno made. KN Thanks for watching!

Made by:
Kayvon Nazarian
Cole Korchek Period 4
Mrs. Kimball KN CK Sources http://history1900s.about.com/od/holocaust/a/auschwitz.htm http://ww2db.com/intro.php?q=2 KN CK KN KN Father "Those arn't people at all... They have nothing to do with you" pg 53 !st quote 2nd quote "You will be quiet now!" pg 51 Entertainment Kids would usually play tag and hide and seek. by:
Kayvon Nazarian
Cole Korchek Mrs, Kimball
Period 4 Watching movies was popular.
Playing catch and board games. Read books if they had any.
Bruno loved to explore Lived in small houses or flats. In towns, many people lived in small terraced houses. There were blocks of flats too, though not as tall as the 'tower blocks' built after the war. A typical family house had a sitting room and kitchen, with two or three bedrooms upstairs. Not all houses had bathrooms or indoor toilets http://www.shmoop.com/wwii/people.html http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/world_war2/wartime_homes/ CK
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