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Bored with PowerPoint? Prezi may offer you a new option, utilising designs with a 'mind-map' & zoom style functionality. This session will give a brief overview and an opportunity to develop your first Prezi presentation.

Bex Lewis

on 14 October 2010

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Transcript of Prezi

Prezi PowerPoint
Hide information through 'transitions'
Multiple tool options, including design
Requires software purchase Prezi
Single (infinite) Canvas
Zoom in & out on (hidden) content
Path can provide linearity
Simple tools, few design options
Flash based, available online 1: Set up an account Go to: http://prezi.com/ Those with .ac.uk accounts can get educational accounts. http://prezi.com/rj_b-gw3u8xl/playing-to-learn/ Playing to Learn 2. Add Text Content 3. The Prezi Zebra 5. Prezi Options 4. Right-Side Zoom What could you do your Prezi on? Training materials? Lecture Notes? Meeting Presentation? Holiday Snaps? Quiz (hide the answers?) Think of a topic for this session as we work through the functions Notetaking? Inspiring people What else would you do? Insert images from the hard drive
Optimise images to maximise hard drive space Shapes
Straightline arrow
Freehand highlighter & "pen", uses theme colours Frame
Filled Square
Hidden frame this will change your Prezi experience! Path
Add linearity (can break out of it)
Capture View (adds invisible frame in size of screen
Delete all (deletes entire path)
Use small in-between button to add an extra path point, and drag number off the screen to remove a path point Colors
Adds themes to material (limited to visible choices, can't be edited) 1a. Set up a New Prezi 6. Multiple Editors 3a. Options on the Zebra 7. Download Prezi Edit Prezi: Enter the editing screen Save a Copy: Make a duplicate Prezi: edit for different purposes/don't start from scratch Download: For offline viewing, or backup purposes Delete: Can't be undone. If multiple authors, they can't see it either. Share on social media or
Embed into a website All Prezi's, including those in edit-phase, are publically viewable unless you have purchased a paid option Description of file - are people going to want to read your Prezi? To think about.... 1. Structure 1st, Details afterwards
Envisage the 'top-down' overview & create on paper 2. Make sections bigger than you think you need them to be (zooming will fill the screen), to avoid the 'crammed' effect for extra material 3. Choose an appropriate theme early & stick to it (changing can resize the shapes) 4. Prezi can make people feel motion-sick, so think carefully about changes of direction. Group material carefully 5. Just because a function is available don't think you have to use it. Let it serve a function. 6. Use the zooming functions to emphasise scale, and hide material as a surprise. 7. To achieve uniformity of style use duplicate then edit 8. Avoid tiny pictures - JPEGs can look fuzzy. PDFs are recommended To move groups of materials, press 'Shift', then use the mouse to draw a box around the group, then select and move that as an object So.... what have you produced today?
Let's see some.... QUESTIONS? Downloads as a Zip File
Run Prezi Application (let it extract)
Click on Flash 'Prezi', file opens
Use as if online (full screen!)

For YouTube videos, add the URL... autoconverts to video & autoplays as path feeds into it.
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