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From Malachi to Christ: Timeline of the Intertestamental Period

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A. M.

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of From Malachi to Christ: Timeline of the Intertestamental Period

Post-exile: Ezra-Esther, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi
Persian Domination
536 –
333 BC
Some (remnant) Jews return from Babylon
Temple & city walls rebuilt
Jews under Persian rule
People continue to fall away from God
333 –
166 BC
Greek Domination
Land conquered by Alexander the Great;
Greek Empire begins
Hellenistic influence on world (common Greek language, academics, philosophers, etc.)
Alexander dies (323 BC);
empire divided among 4 generals
Jews ruled by Syrian Seleucid rulers, including Antiochus Epiphanes
Old Testament (Hebrew) translated into Greek (common language), called the "Setuagint" (275 BC)
King Cyrus
Hasmonean Period of Self-Rule
Antiochus desecrates the Temple and prevents Jews from practicing their faith, leading to Maccabean (Hasmonean) revolt
Jews enter Jerusalem and cleanse the Temple (164 BC)
Jews flourished under Hasmonean dynasty
Syrians grant self-rule to Judea (as it was called)
Collapse of Seleucid kingdom allowed Jewish independence, for a time
Hasmonean Dynasty
166 –
63 BC
Roman Domination
63 BC –
313 AD
Jerusalem captured by Roman general Pompey (63 BC)
Rome places vassal "king" on the throne in Judea, Herod (not Jewish, an Idumean)
Jesus born, ministers, is crucified, resurrected, ascended to Heaven, sitting on the throne
Temple restored and refurbished as Herod's pet project for his posterity
Priesthood appointed, not hereditary (Aaronic); both throne and priesthood not occupied by Jews
Jews revolt against Rome in 66 BC; Rome destroys Jerusalem and the Second Temple (70 AD); Jews taken captive as slaves and scatter around the world (the Diaspora)
New Testament written
Caesar Augustus
to Christ

The History Between the Testaments
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