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Athens City Branding

No description

The Phoenix ADW

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Athens City Branding

Athens City Branding
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Smart cities are innovative systems that combine modernist clusters, involved in research and technology, and pioneering digital repositories, which facilitate basic innovation processes such as strategic information on the collection, analysis and dissemination of information about urban mobility and transport, consumption and services.
A sustainable city is a city which has been designed with environmental concerns in mind. Sustainable cities aim to change the way they operate for the benefit of future generations, ensuring that they do not put a strain on resources which will cause such resources to vanish before future generations have an opportunity to benefit from them
Smart Athens 1/2
Bibliography 1/2
Sustainable Athens 1/4

Websites that promote Athens
An idea by Matt D. Smith
Identity for products, companies, e.t.c.
Problem: Lack of unity and attention
Challenge: Logo that can be incorporated into each company
Must be: recognizable
adoptable to existing brands
not distracting
Solution: A hand-lettered logo with bold letters
"Chameleon brand"
Athensmade: One word, stating the unity
Athens Made
Smart Athens 2/2
16 wifi hotspots at popular locations that will improve the quality of the areas struck the crisis
Use of VoIP services in order to help the tourists and citizens of Athens to communicate and be informed promptly and easily about the provided services
Through push notifications and location tracking, a wide range of applications opens up for the visitor (information about the city's events, e.t.c.)
Mobility within the city is a key file
Smart city applications: Athens Book, Taxibeat, Carpooling, Couchsurfing
Citadel App Creator
Sustainable Athens 2/4
Redevelopment project «Re-launching Athens» by Giorgos Kaminis.
Aiming for total transformation of the capital by 2020

This program is based on seven pillars:

1) Double Regeneration
2) Kerameikos-Metaksourgio
3) Plato's Academy
4) «Rethink Athens»
5) Cycling Networks
6) Reconstruction of dilapidated buildings
7) Regeneration of the square Varvakeion Market and Athenas Street

The authors of this project point out that, it is realistic despite the economical crisis, as it's not based on money from the Greek government, but in European funds.
The first stations of the project to be completed are: the pedestrianization of Panepistimiou street in 2014 and the regeneration of Kerameikos in 2015. Furthermore, in the forthcoming months, the implementation of the shopping center at the Academy of Plato is expected to be promoted.

Sustainable Athens 3/4
This project began as a pilot program in 2004 by Athens' Municipality and is now finally going to be implemented formally.
The first bin was installed in January in Agios Thomas Square in Goudi, in order to discharge the area from the great amounts of rubbish
In the immediate future there will be new bins in: Pagrati, Mesogion and Vasilissis Sofias, Koumoundourou Square, Kolonaki e.t.c.
Each bin has a system that compresses the rubbish and thereby can replace 45 conventional bins (and some even 70)
The garbage disposal of the new bins will be scheduled for every second day
Great success in many European cities
Financed under NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework)

Sustainable Athens 4/4
Sustainability is one of the SNFCC’s fundamental values. The creation of an environmentally friendly and sustainable infrastructure for the buildings and the Park is an important goal in the design and construction of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center.
A beacon of sustainability is borne out in every aspects of the design
Stavros Niarchos Park: covers 85% of the SNFCC site -> one of the largest green spaces in Athens
Greek National Opera -> green roof -> reduces air conditioning requirements
Aims to earn at least a Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, the first such designation in Greece
Re-launching Athens
Submerged Bins in Populous Areas of Athens
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC)
Events and Culture Activities
Governmental bodies eg National Opera
Festivals: Athens Epidaurus - Rockwave - Synch - Eje<t - Athens fringe - Jazz - Athens pride - Anti-racism - Book - International film festival
Swap not shop
GloVo (global volunteers)
Visual (artistic) interventions in public space - painting the blind facades of buildings
TEDx Athens
Running Marathon
Freeday Friday

Breathtaking Athens
Athens Convention Bureau (ACB)
This is MY Athens
Social Start-ups
Athens moves creatively in different directions one of which is "social start-ups". They are called this way because they have the characteristics of entrepreneurship start-ups, such as innovation and entrepreneurship, but they mainly act in the realm of social sector.
They may come from either private or public initiatives, but from wherever they are routed, they decisively contribute to the composition of the image of Athens.

Historical Buildings
Museum of Acropolis
Archaeological Museum
Old Parliament House
Hellenic Parliament
National Garden
National Library
Ancient Agora of Athens
Roman Agora
Temple of Olympian Zeus
Arch of Hadrian
OAKA (Olympic Stadium)
Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens
Niarchos Foundation
NEON Organisation
You in Athens

Bibliography 2/2
A presentation by the group
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