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Culturally Responsive Teaching

For High School Teacher Professional Development

Barbara Keys

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Culturally Responsive Teaching

Albemarle High School Staff Meeting Culturally Responsive Teaching CULTURALLY RESPONSIVE
TEACHING what do you think this term means? DRT Survey Results There are 3 quotes on your table made by staff members at our school.
Have one person at your table group read each different quote.

With your group, DISCUSS what you think Culturally Responsive Teaching is

SHARE any good examples of CRT you have seen at our school. what is culturally responsive teaching? TAKE A MOMENT TO WRITE YOUR ANSWER.


NEXT EQUITY & DIVERSITY COMMITTEE MEETING THINGS UPCOMING "If a teacher tries to know me personally, about my culture and my family, then they will probably want me to meet certain expectations and I will work harder to reach them." -African-American Student

"If a teacher took the time to learn about me and my country, it would encourage me to have a good relationship with that teacher and would show that he or she respects my culture." -An ESOL Student

"When teachers find out more about you, they might find out that they have a lot in common with you and might care more about how you do in their class." -Multi-racial student WHAT OUR STUDENTS SAY... Understanding your own cultural lens
and how it affects your teaching NEXT DIVERSITY AND EQUITY PRESENTATION I take time to learn about the cultures represented in my classroom.
- 30% said they Strongly Agree. I plan my lessons to capitalize on my students' cultures and experiences.
- Only 12% said they strongly agree. Some Many Few I know my students and build positive relationships with them.
-57% said they Strongly Agree. "The sense of community I create in my classroom is the key to my students' success."
- 60% said they Strongly Agree 3 WAYS 2
Capitalize on Students' Cultures
and Experiences Learn what your students know and incorporate their expertise into your lessons. Make your students experts in their own areas.
Have students fill out information sheets at the beginning of the year so that you can have their interests on file. Meet with them to talk about their goals. Encourage all of your students to pursue their dreams.
Gain credibility as a Culturally Responsive Teacher. Name a goal that you have set for yourself. Find one person of color who has acheived that goal and tell your students about that person.
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