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60's Hairstyles

No description

Callie Cope

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of 60's Hairstyles

60's Hairstyles Women’s Hairstyles
At the beginning of the decade the beehive was totally far out! Everyone from mothers, working women and even singing sensations wore this funky up do at one time in some way. At the time most tall structured styles were all the rage so you could understand why women called this hairstyle tuff.
Bouffant The bouffant is often confused with being the same thing as the beehive but it is totally not the same. The bouffant allows more freedom and you don’t need to pull your hair up for a bouffant. Commonly referred to as “The Hump” a bouffant can add volume and drama to any hairstyle.
The Flip This style was holdover from the 50s but women wore this style as an everyday look. Some people wear the flip today. Some women chose to combine two styles like a flipped bottom with a bouffant top. Pixie Snip This style was brought on by the British supermodel “Twiggy”. When it first appeared on a magazine cover every woman was crazy to get “Twiggy’s Snip”. This one person brought on years of short cropped hairstyles. Some of these we still wear today. Hippie ‘Dos Behind all the curls and hair spray another style was developing. The hippie do was long straight hair worn by women and even sometimes men. They wore their hair long and plain to symbolize freedom. This ‘do was often accessorized with a head band. Men’s Hairstyles The Beatle’s Style The Beatles were incredibly popular in the 60s, and so was their hair style. In the early 60s the style was shorter and kept in place. In the later 60s their style was wild and unkempt. This style isn't worn very often now, but it was a hit in the 60s. Rockabilly This style was simple because all you needed was some hair oil to slick your hair back. Elvis’s hair inspired this retro style. The ‘do was usually worn with long hair. Afro The afro was kind of an anti-cut and became one of the most memorable hairstyles of the 60s. This was worn by African Americans to claim their own style. Before this African Americans slicked their hair back to mimic Caucasian hair. Mod The word mod comes from modern. The hair had fringes and were kept sharp and sleek. The hair style was finished with a razor for precision. Some people wear this style today, but it is not worn as long as in the 60s. Crew Cut In the early 60s boys were still conservative with their hair. Most boys wore the crew cut. This hairstyle was inspired by the military during the Vietnam war. Boys thought this cut made them look clean and fit to be in the military. Credits http://blogs.smarter.com/fashion-beauty/tag/hairspray/

THe Beehive
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