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Music research assignment

No description

sarah palmieri

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Music research assignment

Sarah Palmieri Music Research task A) Kunda 1. For each of the following instruments, name the country of origin, write a brief description of the instrument, explain how it works and whether it is tuned or untuned. The Kundu is originated from Papa New Guinea.
The kundu is a drum like instrument made out a
hollowed tree. It is a hand drum and the drum
sound represents spirits and the voices of
ancestors. This is an untuned instrument. B) Steel drum The steel drums are originated from Trinidad.
They are also known as steel pans because of
the sound they make. This instrument is tuned. C) Tabla The Tabla is an Indian hand drum. There are two
parts of the drum, a smaller drum (Dayan) and
the larger drum (Bayan). The tabla is untuned. D) Balafon The balafon is a wooden instrument like an xylophone from west Africa. The bafalon is a tuned instrument. E) Angklung The angklung is made from bamboo pipes that make different pitch's. This instrument is from west Java and it is a tuned instrument. F) Sansa This is instrument in where you pluck around 16 to 25 metal rods. The Sansa is an African instrument that is tuned. The paradiddle is a basic pattern used for drums. When you these perform these beats you mus alternate left and right What is a paradiddle?
Write out the pattern 1) Brass and string Name two instrument families of the orchestra and the instruments that play in them. Violin
Gong Clarinets
Bass Clarinets
Double Bass
English horn
French horn
Contra bassoon
Snare drum
Bass drum
Trombone Cornet
Tubular bells Anthony was born in Woollongong, NSW, Australia.
He has a strong and bold singing voice as he was wellnone for his opera singing in the famous theartre production, Phantom of th Opera. Some of th songs Anthony sang include "Music of the night" and "this is the moment." Research the following singers, find out their country of origin, the range of their voice, the kind of music they sing and an album or song they have recorded. Anthony Warlow Andrea Bocelli Andrea Bocelli was born in 1958 in Italy. Andrea had a tenor
vocal range which is the highest pitch for men. He was a
classical cover artist who also played many instruments.
Songs: Viva Per Ella, Por ti Volare, Con Te partiro. Kiri Te Kanawa Kiri was born in Gisborne in New Zealand. she sang in soprano which is the highest of the female voice types.
Songs: Hoea ra, Te kanawa, World in union. K D Lang K D Lang was born in Canada and is well none
for her pop and country singing. K D sings in Mezzo
which is a low female voice.
Songs: Constant crying, crying, surrender. Tom Jones Tom Jones was born in South Wales. Toms voice lies in baritone which is the most common pitch for men. He sings the blues.
Songs: Thunderball, Delilah, She's a lady. Lucciano Pavarotti Lucciano was born in Italy in 1935. His voice
is tenor which is the highest of the male vocal
types. Lucciano sang opera.
Songs: Caruso, Ave Maria, O Sole Mia. 5A. Q + A ADCD 5B. Scottland and migrated to Perth 6A.
6B. The song was written by scottish composer Peter Mcrormick. 1994 Waltzing Matilda 6C. 7A. 6 Back in black
High Way To Hell
Hells Bells
Stiff upper lip
Big gun ACDC Question 8 Beatles Let it be
Hey Jude
In my life
Love me do
Come together EXP: Judas priests Heavy Metal Heavy metal music sounds angry and loud. In theses bands there are guitars, bass's, keyboards and drums there are also vocalists. The singers scream and sing. RnB (Hip Hop) Hip Hop RnB is edgy and cool. This music is upbeat and not slow.
Most songs in the top 20 now are RnB, with singers like Chris Brown, Kayne West, Ne-Yo etc. EXP: Kayne West RnB: Rythem and Blues This is more slow and romantic music Symphpony A symphony is a harmony of sounds coming together which is normally played by an orchestra. They are large peices of music. Franz Joseph Haydn was the father of symphony who
wrote numerous symphony's to be exact 104. THANKS FOR WATCHING
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