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Global Space Station

No description

Ish Chhabra

on 5 July 2016

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Transcript of Global Space Station

How will there be oxygen?
By using oxygen generators, pressurized oxygen tanks or solid fuel oxygen generators.
We will also have a greenhouse which will supply extra oxygen to the spacecraft if there is a faliure.
There are many ways it will be eco-friendly such as having solar panels with a layer of glass on top protecting it. (This glass will bend the rays of sunlight to create excess sunlight when it is needed.) We are going to be using recyclable titanium which will be sustainable as it is an eco-friendly material.
General Info
It will be launched like a normal space craft and another space craft will bring aboard the passengers onto the global space station. This will be the only pollution emitted (apart from landing-after a long time). Foods that are preservable will be used more often to avoid rotting food and about every month or so, another space craft will deliver food. This will be for a rationing centre which will be inside our space craft to make life for people living as normal as on Earth. We aim to make life on the space craft as normal as possible.
There will be many floors on our space station such as housing, canteen, work place, rationing centre etc. Our work place will mostly be things related to the space craft, but other normal jobs to do with what is in the space station, for example trajectory of the space craft. The whole aircraft will have a ball like structure where the top and propellers have solar panels to help it get energy. The space craft will be powered into space by rear turbos which will be switched off once in orbit.
Star Seekers
We will use titanium which is really expensive but the global government funding will help us to form the space station and will keep it strong in the pressure of space. We will supply the excess electricity no used to the government. The ISS costs 100 billion pounds so we have decided to raise our budget at 250 billion pounds. We know that titanium costs £2.00 per every pound and looking at 250,000 lb of titanium, we can say that titanium will cost at least £500,000.
In order for humans to live, we need water. If we use water, we'll have to use it at an absolute minimum. There will be no privileges of having showers or baths. We'll be able to transport cans of water and to make sure they come out in a tube style. The tube style will also enable us to use as little water as possible.
Toilets won't be able to have water. For toilets, we will use a pipe and different containers which will be emptied into a waste tank and all waste food will contribute to making things like compost to help the plants in the greenhouse growing. Water can be filtered and put into cans and used later on for daily life e.g. cleaning up, water to drink.
There ill be a proper toilet but doesn't use water like a normal toilet but it sucks in the waste.
Daily life
People will need to stay hygienic in space therefore they will need to clean themselves, they will get towels which they should dampen with water and then clean themselves with. Over the weekend, people will get disinfectant wipes to clean their whole body with because you cleaning just your face won't be hygienic enough.
Daily Life (cont.)
People will also need to exercise in space because of if they don't, their bones will become very weak and fragile and their muscles will become weaker after quite a lot of time is spent in space. The government will be spending a prolonged amount of time in space so we don't know about other health implications that could occurAs a solution to this, we have decided to make an exercise room where it is compulsory for everybody to exercise every week for at least one hour.
Gravity is a very key part of the GSS as we can't have everyone floating about therefore we will create artificial gravity. We figured out that if we keep the GSS orbiting the Earth around the altitude of 200-250 km, the GSS will have quite a lot of gravity-90% of the gravity on Earth. The GSS will stop orbiting when cargo ships are coming.
We will keep the engines at the bottom so that the machinery is away from most parts and is not in a place like the middle. The solar panels sticking out are to create electricity. The rationing center is for food and essentials but there will be a small store for extra things that are not needed e.g. crisps. Work is in the middle so that it will be easy to calculate things such as trajectory. The canteen is for normal meals of the day and the living quarters is near the side so that rooms can have a view of outer space. We have some examples of the design.
Food Stores
The food stores will be kept in the centre of the ship in a air tight room. From there, certain amounts of food will be given to each individual person. Their name would be ticked off once the food has been collected.
There will be cargo food ships coming to the station every couple of weeks. This would come with supplies and many other resources. Foods will mainly be protein packs, mainly dried foods that will be able to last longer.
In emergencies, people would be sent to the Faraday Cage for safety. A Faraday Cage in basic words, retracts electric influences. This would be ideal if there were any leakages etc. People would then be sent to escape pods, going back to Earth. Weapons would be stored in the center of the ship. A laser will be built on the outside of the ship to stop asteroids if any come to Earth's way.
To conclude this presentation, we would like to say that this Space Station may need a larger budget than £250 billion, it may increase up to £300 billion. But this would all be for a good cause. It is housing a lot of very important people therefore we have to meet all their substantial needs. The people on this ship will need to be trained beforehand in order to be used to space. Train for blast off; this experience can be very dizzy, training must be required before blast off. To wrap this up, this space station will be a step towards the greater good of this Planet!
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